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Mattresses - IKEA or Otty

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IfYouDontImagineNothingHappens Tue 22-May-18 12:59:33

Memory foam are horribly hot. Hate!

Athenajm80 Tue 22-May-18 08:36:42

Thanks for all your replies, I'll cross IKEA off the list then.

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IsAnyoneElseMissingCheese Tue 22-May-18 07:49:34

IKEA ones aren't built to last, I've had a couple.
Haven't tried otty but I'm seriously considering it as all the reviews I've seen have been excellent

RainbowFairiesHaveNoPlot Tue 22-May-18 07:47:05

Wouldn't recommend Ikea. We had one and the mattress basically collapsed on us after a year - manufacturing fault they eventually concluded and replaced it but it took a lot of toing and froing to get them to agree that and various inspection visits to get that out of them.

Even the replacement one didn't hold up well and sagged like buggery very fast.

We've got a Sealy one now (was one recommended to go with our new bed) and it's fucking awesome. I just need to remove the greyhound and husband, and annoying noisy neighbours outside for a blissful night's sleep!

fairislecable Tue 22-May-18 07:42:38

Memory foam is a bit Marmite. I really wanted one they looked so lovely, until I stayed at a holiday house.

The mattress was a very expensive memory foam one and it was like lying on a sack of peat! The top layer was soft and I was so hot I ended up sleeping on the floor.

I now have a Dunlopillo latex one, it was expensive but will last for 30 years ( or so they say).

Athenajm80 Mon 21-May-18 20:05:08

Has anyone got any experience of mattresses from the above companies? I've seen a memory foam mattress in IKEA for £189 which feels comfy although I've never really slept on memory foam before. I have also seen one from Otty which has apparently got a cooling layer and comes with 2 free pillows or £50 off. It's £449. That's the very very top end of my budget.

I've only ever had mattresses that come with the bed before but have decided to treat myself to a new one. I have no idea what I am looking for though!

Any feedback on these, or other similarly priced mattresses would be great. Thanks

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