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Parker and Farr

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Leighfr Sun 20-May-18 02:13:29

Hi guys,
Just wondering if anybody has any advice or knows anytning about the Parker and Farr furniture. My mum bought a couch a few years ago from this brand and it is still in perfect condition, however she wants to either purchase a chair in the same material or get a chair of her own covered in the same material. Only problem is we don’t know who to contact or where the first place is to look for this same material as the store she originally purchased the couch from has shut down. Does anybody know any contact numbers for Parker and Farr or know of any contact details for anybody who would be familiar in this brands material?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Notname Sun 20-May-18 17:03:49

Not familiar with them but googling provides their phone number as 0115 973 0300 (also gives their website but it’s not working, so not sure if the number will work) and they have a showroom in Chelsea and they’re on Twitter.

Leighfr Mon 21-May-18 01:19:05

Thankyou for your help smile

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