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Gloss they mark/are they durable.. or painted wood?!

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febel Mon 14-May-18 20:11:46

So...we need to replace our Ikea kitchen. Tbh it's more DH wanting to replace it...I can't be doing with the mess and the expense ..and the kitchen hasn't fallen apart yet ...but have agreed to look. At first I quite fancied a cream gloss kitchen but have heard a few horror stories about certain makes where the gloss finish peels off or damages very easily. Possibley a friedn tell me, becaus eit's not fully "wrapped" (?) Also...people say it marks very easily...fingers etc. My kids are older now so the finger marking might not be a huge problem.
BUT...I also like painted shaker type kitchens if gloss seems to not be a good choice. Although am thinking they are harder work to keep clean?
To give an's a dining kitchen in a Victorian house (although it's Victorian, few original features remain, and at the moment we have the Ikea birch shaker kitchen) I am NOT a cook really, although I like baking.
So...can anyone give me any feedback re gloss kitchens?!

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mando12345 Mon 14-May-18 20:15:03

I've got a white high gloss kitchen, it's spray laquered not foil wrapped.
Its surprisingly easy to keep clean, I love it.

ijustwannadance Mon 14-May-18 20:20:31

Our kitchen is black gloss. I bloody hate it and can't wait to rip it out. Came with the house, not my choice.
Every mark shows. Constant finger marks because people don't use the handles to close them. Water drips etc.

My mum's is white gloss and nowhere near as bad.

I'd rather have something that doesn't need constantly wiping.

katmunchkin Mon 14-May-18 20:27:24

We have a gloss kitchen in Cashmere, from Wren. It's easy to keep clean (looks lovely when it's clean!) but it has chipped in one or two places and we can now see the white base material underneath.

Stickstickstickey Mon 14-May-18 20:32:44

I have a cream gloss kitchen, mine doesn't show marks at all unless they're spills or sticky toddler hand prints.

If you look very closely and aim a bright light at it you can see tiny light circle scratches but unless you're looking really hard for them, they're not noticeable.

sherazade Mon 14-May-18 20:42:46

Mine is fine , I use an e cloth to wipe it every now again for streaks etc and it comes up new .

lashy Wed 16-May-18 00:06:10

We have grey gloss cupboard doors and they are really easy to clean. They were inherited with 'new' house and are approx 10 years old and luckily now back in fashion. A bit of Flash kitchen spray, a couple of sheets of kitchen roll - jobs a good 'un.

febel Wed 16-May-18 07:53:01

Thank inclining to gloss again as it seems easiest to big go to! They sound like they are longer lasting than three of my friends said...I will check where they got their kitchens from and avoid buying from there!

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EmmaC78 Wed 16-May-18 07:56:31

I had a white gloss kitchen in my old flat and it was fine. Easy to keep clean and stayed in good condition.

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