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Living room help (with photo)

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Baconking Sun 13-May-18 12:52:38

What would you change in this room.

I always feel like it's missing some luxury or cosiness but can't put my finger on it.
I like my paint colour. Maybe new curtain ideas?


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BitOfFun Sun 13-May-18 12:54:25

Definitely curtains. I'd also go for a nice quilt or throw on the sofa.

doodlejump1980 Sun 13-May-18 12:55:39

Floor to ceiling curtains will make the room feel bigger. Maybe some big plants?

BitOfFun Sun 13-May-18 12:56:41

As to colour/style of curtains, you need something much warmer. What sort of designs are you drawn to?

Fairylea Sun 13-May-18 12:57:31

New curtains. I’d put lots of little photos on the wall where the lamp is for a bit of interest, or even some framed postcards.

Ylvamoon Sun 13-May-18 12:57:42

It needs some colour / textures. How about a lovely picture on the wall? (I'd go with something like a Martisse print ... but that is really personal choice) or lovely feature wall with a luxury wallpaper to add some texture.

pinyata Sun 13-May-18 12:58:29

I would change the cushions for a bit more of a modern design one and a rug to tie in with this.

I would also only have one vase in the middle of the fire with flowers

Defo floor length curtains

Baconking Sun 13-May-18 13:03:41

I don't know what designs I'm drawn to...plain probably...fully open to suggestions for curtains & cushions

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glitterbiscuits Sun 13-May-18 13:05:21

Long curtains and some paintings, prints or photos etc on the walls.

Orchids on the windowsill will be easy to grow and look great

glitterbiscuits Sun 13-May-18 13:05:52

I love your paint colour!

DianaT1969 Sun 13-May-18 13:15:32

A stronger accent colour in cushions and throw (teal perhaps?). A tall palm by the small table.

HeyMicky Sun 13-May-18 13:15:59

Long, plush curtains.
Throw on the sofa
Some grouping of pictures etc on the wall

I'd also consider moving your sofa out a bit, maybe putting the lamp behind - everything looks squared up into corners and against walls, which makes it looks sparse

anaa1 Sun 13-May-18 13:18:29

I'd pull the sofa forward so it's nearer / next to the fireplace. Not having furniture lining the walls has been the absolute best interior tip I've ever found. :-)

Baconking Sun 13-May-18 17:21:51

Thanks all.
I've pulled the sofa away from the wall and it does already look better.

Can anyone link curtains/cushions to go with my decor?

We should be replacing the voiles with shutters in a few months time

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Namechange128 Sun 13-May-18 17:24:12

Rugs that are big enough to go under the furniture always pull a room together more than ones that 'float' in the middle of the room, I'd do that too.

charityhallet Sun 13-May-18 17:25:03

Pillar church candles in your fireplace!

SmallestInTheClass Sun 13-May-18 17:27:42

How about a bookcase by the left hand side of the fire, if you've got some books to put on it. Adds a bit of colour and good for making a room look more cosy and homely.

Baconking Sun 13-May-18 17:31:07

What do you think of these?

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anaa1 Sun 13-May-18 18:16:30

I agree with @SmallestInTheClass and @doodlejump1980 - bookcase and big plants! Personally I would go for curtains that tone or almost match the walls and add colour with books, cushions, and plants. I think the red curtains are a bit dated (sorry if this offends anyone!!!)

pinyata Wed 16-May-18 11:05:20



namechangedtoday15 Thu 17-May-18 00:02:46

I think I'd get rid of the voiles, the short curtains and the red cushions. You need floor length curtains in a patterned fabric that has the Wall colour as One of the colours and then a mix of cushions with the same tones. Personally I'd change the mirror - the brown wooden surround doesn't go with the white fire surround you have. I'd get an oversized large mirror (round maybe).

namechangedtoday15 Thu 17-May-18 00:05:41

Like these


Mrsramsayscat Fri 18-May-18 10:55:07

You can get cushions in a sort of pinky red and yellows pattern or stripe from Laura Ashley which would work well. Sorry can't link. Look on eBay.

Ruleof4 Mon 21-May-18 22:30:43

If I was redesigning this living room, I'd put some wallpaper on canvases or mast and use as pictures on either side of the fireplace to add some colour and design. I'd pull the sofa away from the window and position a more interesting floor lamp just behind the sofa. The cushions would be replaced with patterned ones, the curtains would also be replaced to patterned curtains in a luxe material. Your rug should be positioned just under the sofa. The side tables could be changed to a more Art Deco style to tie the whole room in. smile

franktheskank Wed 23-May-18 10:59:37

Rule have you ever thought of a career on 60 minute makeover grin

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