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Show me your bar stools!!!

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HomeExtender Fri 04-May-18 13:31:13

Am looking for fixed height stools for our breakfast bar but am struggling! Can you share yours for inspiration & tell me if they are easy to clean & kid proof?

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SmartyPants0 Sun 06-May-18 21:47:12

Bumping... because I really want to see some bar stools 😀

wowfudge Mon 07-May-18 09:24:31

We have these - I oiled the wood after putting them together. They're comfy with the shaped seat and back support.

pumpingRSI Tue 08-May-18 04:11:39

Has anyone found bar stills that are low enough to sit under a kitchen worktop? Ones we have now are a bit too high (about 72cm is height of seat). They need to have a back and feet so not the big circular metal base.

bathildab Tue 08-May-18 11:42:02

Yes there are loads of them. Mine are Normann Copenhagen form stools. They come in two heights, counter height and bar height. Many fixed height stools come in either and you need the 65cm (or thereabouts) as opposed to 75cm.

bestbefore Tue 08-May-18 11:50:30

We have these which don't have the circular base but are adjustable - they fit under my normal table as well so are useful as extra chairs!

HomeExtender Wed 09-May-18 22:50:46

Thanks everyone. Have been exhausting the internet but my taste doesn’t suit my budget!

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