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Decorating speed

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JingleJangle951 Tue 01-May-18 23:16:08

I've not decorated for ages so I have forgotten how long things take. I'd love to hear your experience. I'm a medium, not high skill, diy decorator.

How long will it take to prepare and finish:
4x4m room, repaint walls (2 coats), repaint ceiling (2 coats), repaint 1 radiator, skirting board, door frame and 1 side of door? Walls/ceiling are lined and painted, so good surface. Everything else will need a light sanding.

And if I get ambitious, the same question for hall, stairs and landing with 1 radiator and 6 doors. I've not yet worked out how to safely paint the stairwell. Text book time...

Thank you

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DelphiniumBlue Tue 01-May-18 23:26:00

Depends on how perfectionist you are and how fit you are!
I reckon a day to clean down thoroughly and sand, a day to paint woodwork and radiators ( assuming you get paint that fries in less than 24 hours, so you can do 2 coats in a day, and then another 2 days to do ceiling and walls.
Or more i f you have to clear the room first and then put it back together, or have to for it around work/ childcare.

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