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Lovely thick made to measure curtains??

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egdehsdrawkcab Mon 30-Apr-18 21:27:18

Two questions;

1) Where do you recommend for lovely made to measure curtains? John Lewis?? That's about all I can think of....

2) How much might I need to budget for a large bay window? Will need 3 poles I imagine, and maybe 4 curtains? Floor length, in say, velvet?

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egdehsdrawkcab Mon 30-Apr-18 21:30:45

Like these....

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sproutypotatohead Mon 30-Apr-18 21:34:03

No idea about budget but I keep seeing lovely curtains in m&s which I think are made to measure, don't quote me but I think they are... I touch them longingly as I walk past!!

DramaAlpaca Mon 30-Apr-18 21:40:34

No idea, sorry OP, but I just had to post to say I love your username grin

biscuitmillionaire Mon 30-Apr-18 21:45:08

C&H Fabrics

They really know their stuff. I got some lovely ready made curtains, if I could afford made-to-measure I would use them.

egdehsdrawkcab Mon 30-Apr-18 22:03:35

Thanks Drama, I like yours too!

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egdehsdrawkcab Mon 30-Apr-18 22:04:03

And thanks for the tips.... I just looked at Loaf... £££ 😬

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sunshine7981 Wed 02-May-18 13:45:18

Under no circumstances use John Lewis. I ordered curtains for my new house from them and had the worst customer service of my life. Took nearly a year to be resolved following multiple visits to deal with several errors on their part. Ultimately good quality curtains but v expensive and such a pain to deal with.

thenorthernluce Wed 02-May-18 13:49:09

My made to measure curtains for a large bay window were from John Lewis and they’re lovely, as was the service. They came round to take measurements and assess the set up, took my order and within four weeks came back to hang them, plus offered to return to steam them if necessary. Gorgeous thick material with blackout lining, floor to ceiling, total cost about £1200. The rest of the windows in the house have ready made and they aren’t nearly as nice!

SleepFreeZone Wed 02-May-18 13:50:01

John Lewis used to make curtains inhouse then outsourced them. I certainly would not pay the money they want for then as I used to make them according to their spec and their spec was poor.

As a independent curtain maker myself I would always suggest you go local. Find someone traditionally trained and you can’t go wrong. I used to charge upward of £55 a width for interlined curtains.

JT05 Wed 02-May-18 13:54:37

After looking at quotes from JL and on line I had my bay window curtains made by Dunelm. They’re floor to ceiling in Linen, pencil top for the pole, lined and weighted. I’m very pleased with them.

RallyAnnie Wed 02-May-18 13:59:57

DD's bedroom curtains were made to measure from Dunelm. They used my measurements as the closest store was still miles away, and I hung them. Very happy with both service and quality.

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