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Ottoman beds?

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allertse Tue 01-May-18 16:18:01

We have a wooden ottoman from dreams, we didn't like leather/fabric ones either. Very pleased with it. Also good is that the base is slightly smaller than the top half, so you have slightly more area to walk on which makes a big difference in a small room.

Runsandreads Sat 28-Apr-18 20:40:01

The storage is great. Ours opens from the bottom, which for our room shape makes it very accessible, but other designs open from one of the long sides. We use it to store spare duvets and pillows (and Christmas presents).

JustBeingJobless Sat 28-Apr-18 16:29:34

Me and ds have both got the leather effect ones from Dreams. I know you don’t want leather, but the storage space is fabulous - I keep all the camping stuff, Christmas stuff plus shoes we don’t wear often etc under them. I couldn’t go back to a normal bed else I’d need an extension for all the stuff!

PinkCloudDweller Thu 26-Apr-18 09:54:34

Thanks! Must have a look around x

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Hullabaloo31 Wed 25-Apr-18 15:32:31

We have a wooden one, I love that it goes all the way to the ground so no underbed to clean/get dusty and the storage is great.

PinkCloudDweller Wed 25-Apr-18 07:31:27

I need to replace my bed and I'm considering an ottoman. Is this a good idea? They look so bulky, but I guess they are practical.

Which one would you recommend? I don't like faux leather, btw. Thanks.

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