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Does anyone not have a fitted kitchen?

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SinceWhenDid Sat 21-Apr-18 21:35:02

We have almost completed a self build and I was thinking it would be a money saving idea to not have a fitted kitchen.

I actually think it would look quite nice with freestanding units and old dressers. The house is kind of farmhouse style so not too modern.

Anyone else done this? Does it work?

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1moreRep Sun 22-Apr-18 06:54:12

ive just done this - still need a joiner to box in some pipe work and a tiler for the splash back but it looks amazing

i wanted a hand crafted quality and apart from the floor it's only cost 1500

basically i commissioned the sink and butchers block and then up cycled the rest

1moreRep Sun 22-Apr-18 06:55:53

here are a few pieces i upcycled

IronMaggie Sun 22-Apr-18 06:59:59

Wow, it's beautiful 1more!

SinceWhenDid Sun 22-Apr-18 07:11:10

That is beautiful! Thank you very much. I would adore to have a kitchen like that.

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loveablether Sun 22-Apr-18 07:13:53

That is beautiful!

Dothedamnthang Sun 22-Apr-18 08:25:23

Looks fab, 1more

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