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Need Kitchen Appliances

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KitchenGary Fri 04-May-18 11:01:16

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LOVELYDOVEY05 Fri 27-Apr-18 10:59:04

Which magazine in your local library (or website £1 for a month trial) give reliable info on the appliances they test and also give an idea of what is good value. Major companies eg Curries or on the net Appliances online may give a discount if you buy 3 or more appliances from them. Also look at the length of the guarantees they give . January is a good time to buy as lots of sales so if you can wait choose your appliances and then see what comes up in the sales
If you go on the Property or Housekeeping sections on Mumsnet you will find more specific info about individual appliances

mila100 Fri 20-Apr-18 08:03:03

Has any one bought Kitchen Appliances from
I m looking to redesign kitchen, please me suggest best kitchen appliances.

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