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bamboo floors, any experience?

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missperegrinespeculiar Wed 18-Apr-18 15:34:22

So we have just bought a house. It is nice, although not my dream home, but the best we could afford given our budget in the area we wanted. The one thing I really hate though is the flooring, It's shiny, white tiles... I want wood, but we can't really afford it!

Somebody suggested bamboo as a cheaper alternative, but then a friend told me it is really not very durable and will be ruined in no time especially in high traffic areas. I am disappointed!

So, wise mumsnetters, what is your experience of bamboo floors? tell me it's ok!

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Classicdipselection Wed 18-Apr-18 15:43:47

We had it in our little flat and it scratched like nobody's business. It was dark coloured and shiny so perhaps just the wrong finish on it, you must be able to get harder wearing finishes. It did look lovely and actually it still looks ok - flat is now a rental so we've kept it in place, but if we still lived there we would have replaced it. It has been down 12 years so although it's getting a bit battered it's certainly durable enough.

We've just laid engineered wood in our house and bought online from Floor Monster. The price was incredible in comparison to floor shops, so possibly worth looking online. You do have a fitting cost on top but a joiner might do a daily rate which wouldn't work out too expensive.

There are also amazing laminates now which are made of composite materials. Definitely worth looking at. I would have been happy with them but DH just refuses point blank to consider laminate, even fancy modern ones that look good. It can be extremely durable though in a family home.

december212 Wed 18-Apr-18 16:13:17

I have solid bamboo flooring throughout downstairs in my house. Bought from Howdens a few years ago, sure it was about £25m2. Looks great when just cleaned and I love the colour. It does scratch tho, but only really where furniture has been moved and scratches aren’t too obvious. Rest of the floor is still great condition after 3 years.

missperegrinespeculiar Wed 18-Apr-18 16:40:18

Thanks both, interesting to hear! I will look online for wood then, who knows I might be lucky! I do think the new laminates look great actually, but I wonder if they would still feel plasticky if you see what I mean!

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Almondio Wed 18-Apr-18 16:47:10

We've had bamboo flooring down for 10 years in family/kitchen areas and it still pretty much looks like new.

There are a few scratches where the little pads came off furniture feet but that would happen with wood too.

I'd put it down again with no concerns, been really happy with it.

namechangedtoday15 Wed 18-Apr-18 22:38:38

We put bamboo down in the hall about 8 years ago. It had a high shine finish which has worn off slightly and it has worn, but in a good way. It looks lovely and no intention of replacing.

We then put a different type (but still bamboo) down in a kitchen diner. Actually it wore very well (it had more of a Matt finish) but it looked more like laminate than wood. We replaced that when we extended with engineered oak.

missperegrinespeculiar Thu 19-Apr-18 03:19:25

hmm, that's interesting thanks, so the matt finish may be more resistant but not as nice. But it seems everybody has had good experiences, maybe my friend was just unlucky! I think I will get a quote! thanks!

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