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Pink curtain help please

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Ouch44 Mon 16-Apr-18 12:59:02

Am about to do up my DD room in pinks and mint like the colours in this pin (having trouble trying to attach the photo I have of it)
I've spent hours trying to find ones in either of the top two. They have to be long -about 220cm ish. They need to be easy to get online or usual high street shops. Has anyone had any they'd recommend? Thanks

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AjasLipstick Mon 16-Apr-18 13:07:44

You're far better off buying fabric...its easier to find specific fabrics than ready mades.

Ouch44 Mon 16-Apr-18 13:08:26


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Ouch44 Mon 16-Apr-18 13:10:41

Unfortunately I don't have time to make them this time. Im trying to do it as a surprise while she's at Brownie Camp at the weekend.

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Shmithecat Mon 16-Apr-18 13:19:45


AjasLipstick Mon 16-Apr-18 13:23:47

Do you want the curtains to include all or most of those colours or be plain and ONE of them?

Shmithecat Mon 16-Apr-18 13:28:22

Ajas OP stated either of the top two colours.

Ouch44 Mon 16-Apr-18 13:34:23

Sorry, actually either of the top 3. All one colour.

I like the Next ones but at £75 they are a little expensive for 9 DD, she'll probably want to change as she becomes a teen.

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Knittedfairies Mon 16-Apr-18 13:52:05

I’ve no other suggestions, but you’ll be doing well if you can find ready-made curtains that long for less than £75.

Spam88 Mon 16-Apr-18 15:01:37

Are you near an IKEA?

There are a few others that might be suitable as well.

dontcallmelen Tue 24-Apr-18 21:10:26

Have a look at laura Ashley, they usually have a sale on & quality is pretty good.

TeamRick Wed 25-Apr-18 06:59:06

Asda have pink blackout curtains in various sizes & colours. Any good?

Soundsgood Wed 25-Apr-18 07:04:03


Soundsgood Wed 25-Apr-18 07:05:05

Dunelm should have loads.

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