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Is this chandelier too much for the bedroom?

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Killerqueen2244 Thu 12-Apr-18 22:07:05

Sorry it’s not a great photo I know, it’s in a page in the catalogue of a local shop!

We’ve got a large master bedroom so can’t have just a single light fitting. I’ve talked my husband out of led ceiling spot lights but as soon as I mention chandelier he starts thinking some tarts boudoir type!!! 😂

The furniture will be light oak and the walls a muted pale sage green with white Venetian blinds on the windows so quite plain style wise.

I’d love your opinions and cheekily, if you have any other suggestions. I’m leaning towards more masculine looking as a compromise but I can’t decide if this light is too industrial!

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JollyGiraffe Thu 12-Apr-18 22:11:17

I don't like it.

I'd go for a single ceiling light, and a few lamps! I like having dark/light lighting options with lamps grin

helpmum2003 Thu 12-Apr-18 22:11:28


Personally I find it too industrial - I think you could go for something 'prettier'.

You could always have additional freestanding/wall lighting.

Why don't you want LED by the way?

frasier Thu 12-Apr-18 22:12:57

Will you be staring right into the bulbs though?

Passingwords Thu 12-Apr-18 22:13:11

Go for something softer- Imagine lying down looking up at it

Ollivander84 Thu 12-Apr-18 22:13:34

I have a giant black chandelier in my bedroom grin

Killerqueen2244 Thu 12-Apr-18 22:21:48

I see what you all mean about it being in your eyeline- I was only thinking about the position as you walk into the room but lying in bed, if we did put a tv on the opposite wall we’d be blinded!!!

We had spot lights in our old bedroom and I felt they took a bit of the character away from the room. I love statement lighting, the more dramatic the better but I’m not the only one using the bedroom unfortunately and trying to find a nice understated statement light is making my eyes square!

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EmmaG78 Fri 13-Apr-18 00:42:43

I have that very light in my bedroom, really happy with it! It's a dark north facing room so i needed something super bright for tasks - cleaning, putting laundry away, getting ready etc, but I would just use bedside lights if I was actually lying in bed for any reason.

Animalsoffarthingwood Fri 13-Apr-18 08:50:45

I like a chandelier in the bedroom but personally I'm not keen on that particular one.

Do you like any of these?

Sarsparella Fri 13-Apr-18 08:52:48

I like the idea of a chandelier but I’m not keen on that one, it looks too stark for a bedroom

Sarsparella Fri 13-Apr-18 08:54:03

I like this one smile

Animalsoffarthingwood Fri 13-Apr-18 08:54:29

Really though if you like something then go for it.

When I got my chandeliers in the living and dining room I was worried they'd be too much too showy but honestly I love them now, I actually could have gone for something bigger.

Consider the ceiling height

Buxbaum Fri 13-Apr-18 09:03:01

How high are your ceilings? I think it would be fab in a Victorian house with 12ft ceilings but in a standard modern house it would be a bit much (and I'd hit my head on it!).

Killerqueen2244 Fri 13-Apr-18 12:29:32

@animals those are the type I would have but my husband says they remind him of my nans house!! 🙄

The light would hang at the foot of the bed, which is why I thought having a mid-sized chandelier style light might not be too intrusive drop-wise as the ceilings are, I think, a standard height.

I like that light @sarsparella I’ll have a little look at Culinary as browsing Wayfair gets a bit much after a while!

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Killerqueen2244 Fri 13-Apr-18 12:31:10

@EmmaG78 is yours hanging from a standard height ceiling and is it difficult to keep dust free?

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EmmaG78 Fri 13-Apr-18 13:01:40

Yes it's a standard height ceiling, 15 year old house, it sits at the bottom of a super king size bed, so it's not an issue in terms of head height as you don't walk under it.
Dust wise yes it gets dusty but i seem to have chosen lots of dust collecting light fittings so I'm used to it to a certain degree. It looks immaculate and sparkling for a couple of weeks, then a little dusty for a week then after week four its desperate for a clean. Doesn't help that our bedding is linen and seem to disintegrate and cause far more dust in the room than with normal cotton bedding previously.
You have to love it for that price though, was 400 when we bought it, and it was all I could find that I absolutely loved in the flesh.

Passmethecrisps Fri 13-Apr-18 13:04:40

I have something very similar in my bedroom from It is enormous and spans the whole ceiling.

We have it with nice gold lights and a dimmer switch. It looks good in my opinion.

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