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Where did you purchase your bed?

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LongWalkShortPlank Tue 10-Apr-18 08:52:50

I'm looking to buy some sort of double bed in grey, probably a divan. I've been looking online, Facebook, ebay etc and it's hard to tell what is quality that will last, and what isn't. So where did you buy yours?! tbublush

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TheClitterati Sat 21-Apr-18 22:34:44

Warren Evans - fantastic I love it. It will last many years. It was delivered the day they went into receivership sadshock

Brokenbiscuit Sat 21-Apr-18 22:35:59

IKEA. Don't really like it and wouldn't buy a bed from IKEA again.

ISeeTheLight Sat 21-Apr-18 22:38:51

Ours is from Sainsbury's a few years ago. It's a metal one. We were skint, it cost £45 and it's amazing quality for the price. Not looking to replace it anytime soon. Decent mattress though from furniture village.

AlpacaLypse Sat 21-Apr-18 22:38:52

In an old fashioned auction. £15 for the bed-frame, and they threw in a free wardrobe too, no one else wanted it. I left the wardrobe behind to be donated to charity. The mattress had passed fire safety regs and was included. Almost the first thing I did when I could afford it though was replace it with a new mattress from IKEA.

AlpacaLypse Sat 21-Apr-18 22:40:55

The frame btw is a plain pine bedstead, easily taken apart and reconstructed. Which makes life much easier when you have an old house with narrow steep staircases.

MajesticWhine Sat 21-Apr-18 22:47:20

John Lewis. Very happy with it. This one I think

Neem Sat 21-Apr-18 22:48:40

I love my bed from here

Shylo Sat 21-Apr-18 22:52:08

My bed frame came from Laura Ashley in the sale - excellent quality, love it

My mattress is from which is an outlet site. Good quality, although I’d like something softer than the one I chose

Heratnumber7 Sat 21-Apr-18 22:59:26

We have two IKEA double beds abd mattresses and love them.

Flutist Sat 21-Apr-18 23:05:12

Bought a bed from Next and it broke within 2 days. They sent out a furmiture expert who said the bed was so badly designed it couldn't help but break. So they refunded and we bought a bed from which is fantastic.

BishopBrennansArse Sat 21-Apr-18 23:08:44

Direct from Hypnos. Used a link from the Premier Inn website and got a good discount.

Cost a fair bit but will last years.

GreenRut Sat 21-Apr-18 23:13:04

Hypnos again here.

StarbucksSmarterSister Sat 21-Apr-18 23:13:23

Feather and Black. It's bloody marvellous.

I did get it in the sale though.

ceeveebee Sat 21-Apr-18 23:14:23

AesopsMables Sun 22-Apr-18 09:07:36

Button and Sprung

Fantastic quality and service

jagosma Sun 22-Apr-18 09:09:42

Barker and Stonehouse it was a Ercol one. Cost about £1500 with the mattress but got it with interest free credit and it was 100% worth it.

Lanaa Sun 22-Apr-18 09:14:34

Hypnos. It's very comfortable. I'm thinking of replacing it with another Hypnos, but only because I want a massive one - I'll put this one in the spare room.

LynetteScavo Sun 22-Apr-18 09:24:53

I read somewhere 1/3 of the country sleep in an Ikea bed. Everyone in this house does.

halesie Sun 22-Apr-18 09:41:54

Feather and Black in the sale here too. Almost a decade ago and it's still perfect. Amazing mattress too.

SporkInTheToaster Sun 22-Apr-18 10:15:59

Hypnos from a local bed shop

MinisWin Sun 22-Apr-18 10:20:10

Our own bed is rubbish and ancient but I’ve been very impressed by our spare bed from time4sleep - lift up storage, lovely high upholstered headboard, REALLY comfy mattress (memory foam pocket sprung) - so much so that my husband and I fight over any opportunity to sleep in it!!

NanooCov Sun 22-Apr-18 11:42:50

Dreams. It's an ottoman bed. Great storage. We actually have the same in the spare room too. They have some nice grey ones on offer currently. Ours are a kind of oatmeal colour.

Redcrayons Sun 22-Apr-18 11:46:59

Ikea about 15 years ago. It's a metal frame one, Has lastedwelll. I replaced the original mattress a few years ago and I'm due to replace again.

WhereIsBlueRabbit Sun 22-Apr-18 12:39:58

Taurus Beds! We're on our second, having upgraded to a king-size bed when we moved house and relegated the ten year old double to the spare room. It's a pine bed and looks as good as the day we bought it. Would always recommend them for wooden beds and furniture!

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