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New House New Me?

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ThinkingOfCeline Mon 09-Apr-18 11:23:40

Hi All,

I'm looking for advice and suggestions! I'll be buying my own home (instead of renting) and kitting it out from scratch this year.

Do any savvy mumsnetters have suggestions on where to go to buy furniture? I'm looking for good quality but reasonable prices. Would also consider rehoming second hand items and sprucing them up if anyone has any tried and tested tricks there!

Much love,

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NotMeNoNo Sat 14-Apr-18 20:57:26

Ikea, it's not all cheap chipboard
Facebook selling pages
Trade Secret in Oxfordshire (never been but its on my list)

What style do you like? Places like Dunelm do a lot of furniture and excellent for curtains, kitchen stuff etc.

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