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How on earth do I dress this window?

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Loueytb3 Fri 30-Mar-18 09:39:18

It's got windows of different heights and French doors that open onto the garden. The pic is a bit dark but opposite is a house which looks directly onto the garden. We are planning on planting some trees to block their view but that's going to take some time - likely a few years for them to grow to the right heights. It will be the breakfast area of the kitchen so there will be lots of people in pjs in there. Otherwise I would leave it without any curtains. Suggestions?

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AjasLipstick Fri 30-Mar-18 12:28:20

Curtains will be very messy looking I think OP.

I'd be tempted to just get blinds and I hate blinds!

What about something like that stick on frosted stuff?

mimibunz Fri 30-Mar-18 12:35:01

Shutters would be perfect. You can open them at top for light, but keep them closed at the bottom for privacy.

PETRONELLAS Fri 30-Mar-18 12:35:41

Small thin individual roman blinds for the windows - for for each pane otherwise it’ll be v uneven. I don’t like the ‘privacy film’ type stuff as it changes the light.

PanannyPanoo Fri 30-Mar-18 12:40:24

voile blinds will give privacy without blocking light and your view.

headintheproverbial Fri 30-Mar-18 12:50:44

Get some sheer blinds.

Or you could plant bamboo. It grows so fast you won't be waiting long for coverage.

BigBairyHollocks Fri 30-Mar-18 13:06:44

Have you seen those day to night blinds OP? Link below, but they don’t show how nice they are. I seen them in real life and they were really lovely.Thinking of getting them for my new house.

JoJoSM2 Fri 30-Mar-18 13:15:13

I love the bay. I'd get curtains as they'll look most elegant.

I probably wouldn't get shutters as they'd block your view over the garden.

I'd invest in some tall trees, though. We planted some preached magnolias at the back of our garden - they are evergreen and arrived about 6m tall. Or get a garden designer in to help with ideas. When you think of the angles and perspective, it would probably work to plant sth shorter closer to yours house to completely prevent the neighbours of ever being able to see into your house (but they could still see into the garden).

Anyway, the growing season is just starting so if you plant next month, you'll see impressive growth by the end of autumn.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Fri 30-Mar-18 13:43:21

Really nice! Top of the range plantation shutters + voile curtains on doors?

Loueytb3 Fri 30-Mar-18 16:22:01

BIgHairy - no I haven't heard of them but the link doesn't work. Will have a google

I love the look of shutters but I think they block some light out even when they're open don't they?

I do want a nice view of the garden some of the time. We are planning on putting a couple of armchairs at the window end so we can sit and look out.

JoJo - Sadly I don't think we will have the money to do the trees this year. We are concentrating on getting the inside sorted whilst it's empty. We're in a rented house until it's June so we have a limited window and cashflow to get it all done by then. There is a tree centre near to us which has been recommended and they will plan for you at a small cost so we may well do that when we have the funds. I didn't know you could get evergreen magnolias - we had one before that most definitely wasn't!

I did wonder if floor length curtains across the whole bay would work. They wouldn't impede the door as there is a window either side of it.

I can't work out how blinds would fit - there is no wall under the window to attach them to.

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JoJoSM2 Fri 30-Mar-18 19:30:20

I'd probably go with curtains as I don't think having blinds of different lengths (over windows and doors) will look very pretty.

LittleWingSoul Fri 30-Mar-18 20:41:35

But if you are planning on having it ad a breakfast area closing curtains on the whole room would make it dark, which would be a shame. Muslins let in light whilst being inexpensive... I personally prefer muslin to voile as it hasn't got a sheen to it.

Otherwise I think blinds would look really smart but you are back to the same issue of blocking out the light when you'd probably prefer to bask in it if you are having breakfast there!

DarkBlueEyes Sat 31-Mar-18 22:15:48

I would do full length curtains on hold backs or tie backs, and pull them right back when they aren't in use. When they are pulled it'll make the area really cosy. When they are back, they will frame that lovely space.

Lou222 Sat 31-Mar-18 22:25:07

I would have roman blinds in lovely fabric to dress the window. You can have a double, a triple and one for the door. But I would leave them up most of the time.

The house looks a good distance away and
It's their upstairs windows so are they really going to stare in all the time??
Plus your in your pj's not naked.

A park looks over my kitchen, diner and lounge and we are always in our pj's.
I would rather be able to clearly see out and let as much light in as possible than worry about people glancing in.

Lou222 Sat 31-Mar-18 22:27:40

Scratch that, just looked at the photo again, Roman blinds won't work over the French doors.

shazkiwi Sat 31-Mar-18 22:45:05

A blind like this might do the trick. Its top & bottom opening & thermal as well

dudsville Sun 01-Apr-18 08:32:00

I'd leave it. It's a beautiful room and window dressing will spoil it. Being seen in pj's is no bad thing.

CoperCabana Sun 01-Apr-18 08:39:48

I would leave it without coverings but if you are adamant, have you looked at Perfect Fit blinds that clip into the window frame?

LivingInTheSeventies Sun 01-Apr-18 08:51:55

I’d get white plantation shutters. I love ours, you can angle them to let the right light/breeze in. They also look clean and neat.

CountFosco Mon 02-Apr-18 18:47:17

I wouldn't worry about the neighbours. I also wouldn't have curtains, it's a big bay and will need big curtains to cover it which means when they are open a lot of the window will be covered. I'd go with blinds for each window.

Joinourclub Mon 02-Apr-18 20:13:57

The house looks far enough away not to bother me. Go and stand at the end of your garden and look in the house, how much do you really see?

museumum Mon 02-Apr-18 20:16:29

Bamboo in planters along the edge of the patio is not expensive and grows super fast. It’ll make such a difference.

museumum Mon 02-Apr-18 20:17:21

MotheringShites Mon 02-Apr-18 20:21:23

I’d leave it and buy lovely pyjamas. I honestly can’t see how anything would work.

Loueytb3 Mon 02-Apr-18 20:58:49

We went back there again today. I am beginning to think we would be better off spending the money we would have spent on curtains/shutters/blinds (which is likely to be £hundreds) on trees for the garden instead.

museumum - that's a really good idea. We had bamboo in our last garden and it did grow really fast and is not so thick to block out the whole view.

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