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Do mattresses on divan bed bases move?

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Picklesandpies Mon 26-Mar-18 10:05:56

Thinking about getting a divan base as we are keen to not have a headboard (we will have big cushions instead) but having never had one before I'm wondering whether the mattress shifts away from the wall eventually as it doesn't 'sit jn' anything.

This would drive me potty! We are currently in our third week of sleeping on the mattress on the floor so I do need to get this sorted grin


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pickleface Mon 26-Mar-18 10:10:17

Mine moves s bit downwards but I give it a shove with my big ass and it's fine

NotTheNineInchNails Mon 26-Mar-18 10:11:14

Mine does. Drives me mental as my pillows slip into the gap.

Picklesandpies Mon 26-Mar-18 10:29:14

Hmmmm... not sure I could deal with that sort of irritation on a daily basis. Thanks for the feedback. Back to the drawing board!

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Mar15mite Wed 28-Mar-18 08:24:15

I got a new bed recently and I'm sure I saw frame beds online with no headboards.... let me see if I can find a link

Mar15mite Wed 28-Mar-18 08:25:21

faustina Wed 28-Mar-18 08:32:16

this is a beautiful bed (which you couldn't buy in the UK when I was looking - grrr)


Picklesandpies Wed 28-Mar-18 08:42:45

@Mar15mite Thanks so much for the link - that's a really good find! And not too expensive either! Like the fact you can customise them with tapered legs etc

@faustina That is a beautiful bed indeed - the only thing I think that might bother me is if we had the same problem with the mattress moving as it's not actually sitting in the bed frame itself. It is lovely though... looks nice with the macrame wall hanging.

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Fuller2018 Fri 30-Mar-18 05:46:25

I have a divan / no headboard and my mattress stays put. It might depend on the weight of the mattress and if you are using a valance sheet for the base (material could be slippy)

Picklesandpies Fri 30-Mar-18 07:22:06

@Fuller2018 that's interesting, thanks. We definitely wouldn't have a valence. I've been looking at Button and Sprung divans in all sorts of lovely and non swirly fabrics.

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MessySurfaces Thu 05-Apr-18 08:44:32

Ours slips a little, but only enough to merit pushing back every month or so. It's a very heavy mattress, but easy enough to shove back.

Picklesandpies Thu 05-Apr-18 12:02:35

Thanks @MessySurfaces

Still in limbo... still on the floor 🙄. Our mattress is pretty heavy too so maybe we would be ok.

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MessySurfaces Thu 05-Apr-18 15:30:08

Does it slip on the floor?? If not you're golden, surely?

Picklesandpies Thu 05-Apr-18 16:05:26

You have a good point @MessySurfaces

No, it doesn't slip on the floor! grin

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MessySurfaces Thu 05-Apr-18 16:10:07

Winner winner chicken dinner!

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