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ViWalker Tue 20-Mar-18 22:18:03

So we are looking at a potential new sofa after years of using hand me downs. Our living room is a bit awkward as its not very big and an odd shape. Well, to be fair its square but the door from the hall is in one corner and then there is another door opposite leading through to the conservatory, effectively making one side of the room into a corridor. That leave 3 walls for furniture and one has a fireplace on it so down to two! We figured that a corner sofa in the corner of the two remaining walls looking at the fire would work but now stuck on size. We would like a pretty big sofa as we use the living room a lot and often have people over so the seating would come in handy but my mum is convinced that it would overwhelm the room and that we shouldn't choose our furniture based on guests so now I dont know! Anyone with experience of one giant sofa in a small room and how it worked for them?

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SwedishEdith Tue 20-Mar-18 22:27:21

People like sitting in chairs and against the arms of sofas, I think. No-one really likes sitting in the middle. That's what I'd keep in mind.

Feezles Wed 21-Mar-18 14:05:51

I did! And I loved it. We had one in my old flat. The room wasn't tiny, but like you it had two doors (well, a door and a patio door onto the balcony that we had to leave clear). The room also had to accommodate my dining table and chairs.

The sofa looked fab, it was a really efficient use of the space, so I would definitely recommend it as a solution - although not the actual sofa, it looked great but was absolutely rubbish and is now in a skipsmile.

Look at, who I definitely would recommend. You can configure your own sofa, they are very reasonable, and really good quality - I love mine! You should be able to get something that works well for you room.

JoJoSM2 Thu 22-Mar-18 17:04:38

I'd agree with your mum. I'd also say that guests don't like to sit too close to each other - we've got 3 seater sofas but people often choose to stand over being a bit too close in personal space to others.
I doubt that more than 3 people would ever sit on a small corner unit.

I'd get a sofa that's appropriately sized for the room and then look at other seating options for when you have friends over. For example, an ottoman instead of a coffee table, side tables that are actually stools, little occasional chairs or pouffes that live under the shelves in the alcoves, a window seat etc

The first room is obv bigger than yours but it's got that ottoman coffee table and 2 little pouffes - items that won't overwhelm the room but can be sat on.

Pic 2 has got little stools - can be used as decoration or as side tables but a few friends can perch on those.

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