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What colours to go for in the kitchen?

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SmileAndNod Sun 18-Mar-18 16:41:22

We are about to move (new build) and the kitchen is white gloss units and black worktop. Not our choice so plan on replacing in the distant future.

In the meantime I'm stuck for what to go for blind / curtain / accessory wise. I'm quite scared of colour and only really like grey.

Any ideas please? Our last rented house had a greeny colour so keen to avoid that.
I know I need to start buying things quite soon but I feel a bit overwhelmed and lost. Its an empty white box and I have to make it feel like home confused

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WaxOnFeckOff Sun 18-Mar-18 16:44:41

I'd concentrate on finding a blind or picture or tea towel that you like and pick a colour from that.

I quite like this and you could still go for a pale grey on the walls and then a few items in this type of colour.

WaxOnFeckOff Sun 18-Mar-18 17:31:05

I also like this but maybe a big step for someone who isn't into colour grin

or this:

the fusia would be amazing with the black and white.

or a stripe?:

ElodyMelody Sun 18-Mar-18 21:31:22

What about some grey and white chevron blind?

SmileAndNod Mon 19-Mar-18 05:59:31

Thank you. I had looked at that next blind before but worried it wouldn't go - I like that pale blue colour (pale blue is almost greywink). The walls, as a new build, will be white for quite a while so we definitely need some colour somewhere.

I have ordered some swatches from Web blinds. I actually love the bright pink though DH not keen.

We will have 2 windows that will need blinds but we'll also need huge curtains for the patio doors so ideally need these to match. I think.

I'm not good at these things and it's our first ever house (years of renting) and I don't want to mess it up!

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SmileAndNod Sun 25-Mar-18 07:46:16

Help I'm no further a week on! I actually loved that fuchsia blind, but dh didn't. Am struggling to get out of my grey rut but a white kitchen, white doors, black worktops and grey blinds will just look bland won't it?

Lots of duck egg / teal colours seem to include brown which may look odd as black and white is so cold?

Going to see the finished house tomorrow and I feel sick with worrysad

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IggyAce Sun 25-Mar-18 07:54:52

Have you considered plum/aubergine?

SmileAndNod Sun 25-Mar-18 08:15:30

No I've not come across any blinds and curtains with those colours on my search. Have two windows and one patio door to do and no imagination!!!

Are you supposed to have the same colours (or a version of) throughout all the rooms in the house. We used to live in an ex show home and it was beautiful. Now we're going to have our own space everything just seems a bit crap and meh

I'm grateful that I will have a roof over my head but I can't get excited. I just feel sad. And worried.

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Cantchooseaname Sun 25-Mar-18 08:22:29

You are ‘supposed’ to have whatever makes you happy/ relaxed/ - there’s no right and wrong!
I would get bedroom / living room sorted- kitchen blinds can wait! See how you feel when you move in. You might not want big curtains. I have big widows and like the clean look of no finishing.
Maybe try to stop planing- go for wander round some shops and see what you like.

DBoo Sun 25-Mar-18 08:23:08

Red goes great with grey so does pastel pink. I think mauve would go as well it's not that different to grey. Have you got your kitchen accessories like kettle etc?

DBoo Sun 25-Mar-18 08:30:00

Few bits of grey and yellow tea towels etc in next so yellow might be worth a look. They also have some nice grey and white geo things that can make it a bit more interesting.

MrsMozart Sun 25-Mar-18 08:37:49

Don't be sad or worried.

Have whatever makes you smile. Take a wander through some sites and see if anything just makes you both smile.

As for the 'everything matching' etc, there's no rules. Your home so you can have what you want. If it calms your mind you could pick a colour you both agree on and pick that up through each room, either a splash of it on a grey blind or a full blind that colour.

SmileAndNod Sun 25-Mar-18 08:38:49

All of our stuff kettle, toaster, microwave is grey. Not sure if there will be room on the worktop for my beloved also grey kitchen aidsad

The house is so small but it's all we could afford. Sales person started talking some rubbish about rooms 'growing' once you have your furniture in. I just have visions of us arriving and most of our stuff not fitting in. And me in tears. It will be warm dry and a roof over our head, which is better than the alternative. But it just doesn't feel right. I can't explain it. But I know that I'm not sleeping and my anxiety is through the roof.

Which is probably why I'm agonising over the smallest silly details. Probably because I can't change the big stuffsad

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MrsMozart Sun 25-Mar-18 08:42:03

Ah. That makes sense.

In that case, this house is a stepping stone. It's somewhere that will be warm and safe, but not forever. Enjoy it for what it is.

DBoo Sun 25-Mar-18 08:42:34

If you like grey I would go with grey. It goes nice with black and white and you already have all the key pieces. The white and grey geo stuff on next is gorgeous and it will be easy to pick up a blind in the same colour.

I understand you feeling like that which is a shame when you are buying your first home together. I do think you will feel differently when you have all your things in though.

If you do go for Grey in the kitchen I'd try different colours in other rooms or add accent colours if most of your stuff is already grey.

Have you looked on Houzz? If you type in grey kitchen or monochrome kitchen on there it will show you lots of examples and might give you some ideas.

SmileAndNod Sun 25-Mar-18 09:02:18

We're already old so I'm afraid there won't be any possibility of moving in the future, this won't be a stepping stone. We're lucky that we have finally got out of renting at our age and I'm grateful that we won't be given notice to leave, charged for signing a lease every 6 months or inspected every 3 months and so on.

But I don't feel at all excited. Just literally sick with worry. And I am constantly spending money and terrified of making an expensive mistake.

Am off to Google Houzz, thank you.

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Maybeicanhelp Sun 25-Mar-18 09:16:53

What colour is your floor, OP?

Our kitchen is white, with hints of black and chrome, which sounds quite sterile, but we have dark oak flooring and somehow it makes the room look very pulled together.

At the moment, I don't have any accent colours, I'm liking the white, grey, black theme. I may pick up some colourful teatowels if I need a change.

I would go with a neutral theme for any curtains or blinds, perhaps a silver / pale grey, otherwise, it's an expensive mistake to correct.

Heremeout Sun 25-Mar-18 09:27:50

OP you don't mention if you have a garden but I imagine you have because of the patio doors.
At some point in the future you could perhaps have a conservatory built on, this would make it more spacious.
Also a house doesn't have to be big, make it into your own, cozy little nest.
Relax and enjoy, there's no right way, just your way!

TheWoollybacksWife Sun 25-Mar-18 09:43:20

We are about to move too and our kitchen sounds quite similar although our units have a matt finish. My kettle and toaster don't even match each other, never mind the kitchen grinblush but I have bought a lovely table with grey upholstered chairs and I'm looking to buy a plum coloured blind for the kitchen window and plum curtains for the patio doors.

MrsMozart Sun 25-Mar-18 09:43:22

But it is a stepping stone. None of us know which one we'll end up on or how long we'll be on each.

Give yourself a break. No more being at other people's whims.

SmileAndNod Sun 25-Mar-18 09:46:21

There are patio doors but only lead to an area 2 paving slabs wide so no room to extend. The 'garden' is on 2 levels so a few steps down and then there will eventally be a small turfed area. No room for a shed even.

The floor is sort of a mid grey colour. I think I'm just scared of colour.

We're going for a look at the finished thing tomorrow before we complete. Feel sick.

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MrsMozart Sun 25-Mar-18 10:00:50

Why are you buying this house?

Do you really hate it or are you just scared because it's been a long time coming?

DBoo Sun 25-Mar-18 10:20:23

If you shave rented all your life smile I get this. It's the biggest purchase you will make and it's a big commitment so it can be frightening. I rent but even when I've looked at new rentals I have spent forever panicking about making the right decision.

Everything will be fine though try not to worry. I'm sure you will be very happy in your new home. If you're scared of colour don't do it. There are no rules and only you and your partner are the ones to please.

Maybeicanhelp Sun 25-Mar-18 11:12:12

Owning is a huge financial commitment and can be daunting. But on the other hand you have security now and you are not spending dead money every month.

Can you live with the neutrals and keep looking for inspiration?

Some teatowels and a set of mugs in a contrasting colour would be a starting point and cheap enough for now.

I have a glass vase and am ringing the changes with a bunch of spring flowers, that's not breaking the bank and makes me happy smile.

SmileAndNod Sun 25-Mar-18 11:42:34

We bought the house because our LL was thinking about selling. It was perhaps a panic buy. Rental properties go really fast (within a day) we have 3 kids and a dog. They are also around the 1100 mark for a 3 bed. We were desperate as in our darkest days in November when our world was uncertain (LL wouldn't confirm intentions either way) we thought we would be homeless they gave us notice on Xmas eve.

So no I don't love it. It wouldn't be my perfect house at all. But is near to the children's school and their friends and their clubs. And its secure. And its slightly cheaper than renting.

I'm feeling overwhelmed and panicky again I's also the second house move in 6 weeks which in itself is crazy.

Sorry that's turned into something different to do you like these blindssmile i'll be back later with some links.

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