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Talk to me about downstairs cloakroom sink!

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SadAboutTheBoy Sun 04-Mar-18 10:35:10

We're refurbishing our downstairs cloakroom.
It's an L Shape, partly under the stairs, so not a massive space.

DH says we can't have one with a snazzy chrome waste pipe underneath as the water inlet pipes will be visible and 'look messy' hmm
DH likes shiny porcelain sinks with flat wide sides on the top of the sink and big flat plughole covers.
I like ones with narrow sides which slope into the sink and smaller, inset plugholes.
My reasoning is that
a) we live in a hard water area, and when water splashes and pools on the side of the sink it quickly looks messy
b) when we have wide-sided sinks (we have one in an upstairs bathroom) people (DH & the DSs) just leave stuff on the side - combs, creams, random crap they've used in the bathroom etc

DH is looking at glossy brochures and imagining living in a show room.
I am thinking practically, as the person who has to clean and tidy it.

Any thoughts/ experiences?

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JoJoSM2 Sun 04-Mar-18 17:31:14

Sounds like you’re over-exaggerating to get your way. In reality, it seems you just like sth a little more modern and DH something a bit more traditional (if I understood your descriptions correctly). Or just different styles. Isn’t there a style that both of you be happy with? Or could you compromise by one of you picking the washbasin and the other the taps or tiles or whatever?

MacaroniPenguin Thu 08-Mar-18 23:20:55

We went for one that was as big as possible while still being in proportion to the room (so smallish) with flat space to put the soap on.

It's for you to decide how you'll use it really. Will there realistically be a lot of creams, combs etc going on, or just handwashing? Toothbrushing? If so where will brushes go? Do you need it to be big enough for someone to wash their hair in it? You and DH just need to thrash out how big is too big for the space, and how small is too small for the function.

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