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*floorplan attached* open plan kitchen furniture placement ?

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Kahlua4me Fri 02-Mar-18 20:40:12

Ah, I didn’t realise you had another sitting room elsewhere. In that case I would probably just keep the sofa and put that next to the patio doors facing towards the kitchen, maybe with the side table next to it. Maybe have sofa or chairs but not all of them...

The sideboard and table can then go towards front of the house, with the sideboard on the long wall. The chest of drawers could go in the front corner between window and door.

I think I would still get rid of the Ikea unit if you can manage without the storage.

Layouts are always tricky!

PossiblyPFB Fri 02-Mar-18 17:12:19

....Sadly I can’t mess with the doors right now! I would like a big double pocket french door or something there in an ideal world.

Blocking the kitchen side door was an idea but involves removal of the closet- the WC actually protrudes about 8” into the wall where the closet is so it’s not a flush flat wall you’d create. We actually had a builder quote for this work and it was very expensive to change as we would also have to re-floor everywhere. We were also going to re-locate the WC door to parallel with the front door if we locked off that kitchen door wall for this.

So sadly the weird protruding bar thing is staying where it is. And it’s too close to the patio doors to put a breakfast bar off it.

We do have a TV right now but I’m actually removing it and relocating to the upstairs lounge.

It’s just such a frustrating shape!!! Thank you for replying!!


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Kahlua4me Fri 02-Mar-18 14:48:21

I would lose the door in the dining room area, keeping the other one, or if possible as JoJo says put in a new one.

The sitting area should be at the front of the house and the dining table by the patio doors.

Could you get rid of the ikea freestanding unit and incorporate a breakfast bar within the new kitchen?

Will you have a tv in there? If so maybe put it on the chest of drawers and then use the side table as a coffee table. Sofa could be placed as a divider between the areas and armchairs in front of it.

I find it easier to do with everything in the room so I can play about with the furniture until it looks right!

JoJoSM2 Fri 02-Mar-18 14:36:40

It’s difficult to know for sure without accurate measurements but I think I’d re-jig the space.

I’d probably lose both doors and put in one door - roughly opposite the WC. I’d have a U shape kitchen and a dining area by the patio doors (it seems that the space might be tight with the peninsula there).

I’d have the sitting area at the front of the house - it should be a lot easier to arrange without the doorway in the middle of the wall.

In terms of furniture, a case playing around with stuff. If you find that something is out of scale (the farmhouse table possibly?) and doesn’t fit the space, then I’d just replace with with appropriately-sized furniture instead.

PossiblyPFB Fri 02-Mar-18 12:37:52

Hi all

We are about to have our kitchen done and I’m at a loss as to how to arrange the furniture in this room afterward. We are not changing the footprint of the kitchen unfortunately. The dimensions aren’t given on the floorplan but it is a largeish room - the length of the longest wall is about 8000mm or about 26 feet to give you an idea.

Without telling you where things are currently located - I would love to see how you would best arrange it if you were doing it yourself as I’ve had it every which way and can’t get on with any of them. It’s just an awkwardly shaped room and it feels overly crowded.

I have :
A large 6f farmhouse table and six chairs
A sideboard
Two leather chairs and an ottoman
A 2 seater sofa
An Ikea freestanding island with storage and 2 barstools
1 small side table
1 smallish antique chest of drawers

Where would you position these things if it was you and is there anything you would eliminate furniture wise??

Thanks for any ideas!!

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