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Is pot pourri naff?

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AuntTrotwood Sat 10-Feb-18 19:58:49

And if so is there a cool alternative?

I've got a large silver decorative bowl on my kitchen table. I've always had pot pourri in it but i'm decorating soon and under the suspicion that i need to get rid.

Any ideas?

RhinestoneCowgirl Sat 10-Feb-18 19:59:44

Dust gatherer...

ijustwannadance Sat 10-Feb-18 20:02:30

Yep. Naff and migraine inducing.

Ketzele Sat 10-Feb-18 20:07:24

Naffacious, I'm afraid.

As for your silver bowl - how about some lemons or limes? China eggs? Snickers?

AuntTrotwood Sat 10-Feb-18 20:12:02

Thanks - the lemons and limes are an interesting idea!

redcaryellowcar Sat 10-Feb-18 20:13:21

Probably not for the kitchen table, (maybe better placed on a shelf discretely!? ) but how about a reed diffuser if you are looking for something to freshen/ make the air smell different.

AuntTrotwood Sat 10-Feb-18 22:31:56

It's not really about the smell, i prefer candles if i want a scent. It's more about what to put in the bowl!

FusionChefGeoff Sun 11-Feb-18 09:50:26

My mum does a seasonal 'collection' in a big bowl. It's a bit random but she's quite arty and it changes every couple of months / when she can be bothered. Usually pulls in some flowers / nature but also other stuff so mini chicks and eggs with daffodils around March / April. Frosty looking glass pebbles and shiny foil stuff for Jan / Feb. Beach pebbles / sand / sunflowers for July / Aug etc.

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