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Siemens oven owners

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user1493280777 Sat 10-Feb-18 13:02:17


I want to purchase 2 Siemens single ovens, one has microwave function.

I read somewhere (but can't find where now) that said the stainless steel on them didn't match. I called ao and Siemens direct and neither could confirm for sure if they were the same, although Siemens said as they are both IQ - 700 they were designed to match. They said if I order them and there is any difference I can return them.

The pictures do look different, once looks a much lighter stainless steel than the other.

The two models are:
Siemens IQ-700 HB672GBS1B

Siemens IQ-700 HM678G4S6B

If anyone owns both please can you let me know.

Many Thanks

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