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New house layout help

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beckymad1x Fri 09-Feb-18 11:03:12

Knock through from the kitchen to the living room and make it a big open plan kitchen/dining/living space.

You can then convert the garage into a front room for you to relax in once the DC have gone to bed?

MyOtherProfile Fri 09-Feb-18 10:56:54

Garage into kitchen diner then make current kitchen a second reception room. You will be glad of it with three kids when they get a bit bigger.

PurpleWithRed Wed 07-Feb-18 14:05:26

I’m with sirrah - turn the garage into a kitchen and the current kitchen into a snug/study/playroom/adult escape space. Could you add a side door to the current garage so tehre’s direct access from outdoors to that side of the house?

Sirrah Wed 07-Feb-18 14:01:48

Knock through to the garage, have a small utility and storage area in the front of the garage, kitchen at the back, open plan diner and lounge. Old kitchen turn into a small lounge. A lot of work!

marmite157 Wed 07-Feb-18 10:56:28

Given the layout is so off .... is it the right house?

Can you manage that kind of work with three under 5?

I'm not trying to be negative just food for thought.

On the options side.... could the front third of the garage be the utility room?

Then the existing kitchen could be a small quiet sitting room so you can walk away from the mess and close the door.

FelicityKate Mon 05-Feb-18 14:02:16

Hi, can anyone help me with ideas for this layout? I’m hoping to buy this house but the big downside for me is that it doesn’t have a kitchen diner. I’m going to be newly separated with three children under five so ideally I want to be in the same room as them for cooking / eating (I’ll have shared custody so when they’re with me I don’t want to be in a different room from them the majority of the time iyswim).

My initial ideas are to knock through to the garage (maybe keep a third of it as a store at the front) and move the kitchen into the current lounge. Then change the kitchen into a utility / boot room. The utility is the one thing that I will miss from my current home (first world problem alert). However, the house is a three bed so this might not be in proportion? I see this as potentially a long term home so want it to suit us but also don’t want to ruin any resale chances.

I could just knock down the wall between the kitchen and the lounge but think this might look a bit odd? And noisy!

Any opinions anyone? I’m currently talking myself round in circles!

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