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Bathroom vinyl flooring

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BristolLFR Fri 02-Feb-18 22:18:08

Is it a bit naff?

Anyone found any premium versions with stylish designs?

I’m drawn by a warmer floor than tiles, it being easier to clean, and there not being grout joins to get all grubby.

But I can’t get over my association with the cheap houseshares I’ve lived in.

I’d like a nice pale grey or off white with a honeycomb or herringbone pattern, but struggling to find anything

SugarMiceInTheRain Fri 02-Feb-18 22:21:48

I'm considering some by Multipanel. More sturdy and not so plasticky as cheap vinyl that was everywhere in the 80s and 90s.

Decorhate Sat 03-Feb-18 08:41:23

Would you consider vinyl tiles? I always have had Amtico or similar in my bathrooms. Currently have a graphic design by Neisha Crossland for Harvey Maria

newyearsameme80 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:41:58

Just look at LVT. I have polyflor stuff that I think looks good - it’s not one sheet though it’s tiles.

franktheskank Tue 06-Feb-18 00:03:42

If you can afford it then tiles are always going to look nicer smile

MiddleClassProblem Tue 06-Feb-18 00:07:17

We have one that has wood print. It looks like laminate but underfoot it feels like vinyl. We have it in our utility as apparently laminate can go a bit funny after a few years under a tumble. It was from Carpet Right. Not saying you want a laminate look in your bathroom but they might have something you like.

SheepySheepy Tue 06-Feb-18 00:09:51

Bit more expensive, but super fun!

GrockleBocs Tue 06-Feb-18 00:12:19

We've put cushioned vinyl in bathrooms and it's fine. Ours is textured wood effect mostly and it's non slip and waterproof.

Oohyoudevilyou Sun 11-Feb-18 09:56:23

I've got wood effect sheet vinyl in my bathroom. It's very grippy (vinyls actually have a 'grip rating' - ask the sales staff!) as I didn't want any accidents in there. It looks like a sun-bleached boardwalk, and the decor has a beach hut theme. I expect mumsnetters will think it sounds naff, but I get lots of compliments about it, honest!

BristolLFR Tue 13-Feb-18 10:28:08

Oooh some lovely designs on there sheepy thanks!

Thanks for your ideas all, going to be a long decision I think!

SheepySheepy Tue 13-Feb-18 13:37:46


4yearsnosleep Wed 14-Feb-18 00:35:26

We got ours from a local firm and I love it! Our wires were crossed as if asked for vinyl tile & he brought samples of the sheet vinyl. I absolutely love it, it looks fab and is textured. Best of all it was £100 fittedgrin If they made rolls big enough, I'd get it in our extension! Go out to some local shops or get a guy to come to you with samples so you can properly see and feel them.

Hithere1981 Fri 16-Feb-18 19:28:04


Would you consider posting a pic please? I’m on the verge of buying that range but undecided

Decorhate Fri 16-Feb-18 21:23:19

Hi. I'm away at the moment so won't be able to take a photo of mine till the end of next week. I can find it online if that helps?

Decorhate Fri 16-Feb-18 21:25:36

This is the one I have

funnylittleonion Fri 16-Feb-18 21:35:42

I used Parquet by Neisha Crosland for Harvey Maria. I've attached a photo (it's not great, I've had to crop my DD out).

funnylittleonion Fri 16-Feb-18 21:39:28

Decorhate's added a much better pic. We've also used tile and wood effect Karndean in the past which is very hardwearing, I'd say more hardwearing than the Harvey Maria vinyl. They don't do designs anything like the Harvey Maria range though.

MrBennOfFestiveRoad Fri 16-Feb-18 21:43:29

I have the Harvey Maria Parquet too, really pleased with it.

JeNeSuisPasVotreMiel Fri 16-Feb-18 22:08:34


Hithere1981 Sat 17-Feb-18 09:40:27

The issue is that I have the Harvey Maria parquet sample in my bathroom atm.

But it’s against the 2.5x more expensive new patterned sample by amtico. I wish I didn’t have it because it’s ruined the HM ones for me.

What colour did you go for in the HM range?

InTheRoseGarden Sat 17-Feb-18 13:19:51

Unhelpful but I wanted to go for vinyl and ended up with Amtico. We halved the cost of Amtico by buying the tiles ourselves and getting an independent fitter.

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