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White flooring

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littlenicky61 Thu 18-Jan-18 10:57:08

Hi We are currently having a side infill extension and knocking through our lounge / kitchen to make one large room . I would like a white tile or tile effect floor throughout . Can anyone recommend any . Not sure what to use ( tiles , vinyl , tile effect laminate etc )as I'm clueless when it comes to anything like this . If anyone could give any advice or recommenadtions I would be hugely grateful

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hattiehollow Thu 18-Jan-18 19:41:46

Honestly, think twice about this! Or at least go for pale grey. I had a plain white bathroom floor in my last house and it was constantly covered in fluff, dust and hair. I would vacuum and then an hour later, it was somehow filthy again. It used to gather in the edges and corners and I was constantly wiping it up. I’d imagine it would be even worse in a living area. Now in my new house, it’s patterned floors all the way!

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