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Ready made blinds - to trim or not to trim

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WoahBodyforrrrm Wed 03-Jan-18 20:13:20

I need to get some blinds for my girls bedroom. I've used tuiss and blinds2go many times for the rest of the house and they are fab! However they don't have exactly what I'm looking for.

I've seen quite a few nice options online which are ready made. The problem is they're a few cm long or short at the width. So, are the people who buy these blinds 'lucky' that they're the correct width by coincidence or am I missing a trick...can the long one be easily trimmed to fit 🤔 Does anyone know?

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MrsBadger Wed 03-Jan-18 20:18:43

roller blinds are usually really easy to trim - make sure you have a good metal tape measure for a straight edge.

Xmaspuddingdisaster Thu 11-Jan-18 19:58:21

You’ll usually need a saw too to trim the roller bit. I have done it once, was ok but I hadnt measured carefully and had to go back and cut off more.

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