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Redecorating hall stairs & landing

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lazylittlelucy Mon 01-Jan-18 14:23:08

Brilliant advice, thank you. Will look into it.

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CurlsLDN Mon 01-Jan-18 14:04:36

You need housfolk, it’s a group on Facebook with people sharing pics of what they’ve done to their real houses, very inspirational and so much more useful than a show Home in a magazine - plus you can ask people how they did things, what they used etc.
If you post a pic on there of your current room, you’ll get loads of great advice and suggestions from some very stylish people

lazylittlelucy Mon 01-Jan-18 14:02:03

Looking for some advice, please. We have a lovely spacious hall, very high ceiling and long landing that we would like to re-vamp/modernise and generally make more impressive.
It is currently covered in textured wallpaper and painted over so will be a big job to strip/plaster/paint. There is also the matter of 2 radiators to be considered/decorated around.
It seems like such a big project I don't know where to start. Obviously we need professionals but which kind - painter/decorator/plumber/anything else? Has anybody done something similar or got any advice to offer?
If you could just put some thoughts in my mind, that would be a help. Thanks in advance thanks

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