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What colour should the outside of my house be?

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franktheskank Wed 27-Dec-17 20:26:36

Moved into this house in May and have nearly finished renovating.

The outside needs to be done and in struggling to decide how I want it.

The pics are from estate agents pics and it looks even more worn now!

It's a 1920s house and any ideas are welcomesmileI've been looking on Pinterest but haven't seen anything I love yet.

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franktheskank Wed 27-Dec-17 20:27:43

Have had the front door painted Teresa's green but it's a bit width washy. I might even get a new front door, thinking of maybe a stained glass one?

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pallisers Wed 27-Dec-17 20:31:58

I would paint it similar to this grey with white trim and a black front door.,1470&room=1616

Neolara Wed 27-Dec-17 20:32:57

Don't know about the colour, but just wanted to say your house looks lovely.

cupcakesandglitter Wed 27-Dec-17 20:36:17

Stunning house!!

Bowerbird5 Thu 28-Dec-17 18:43:27

Oh palliders that is a good suggestion. I was going to say cream with white windows but think that very pale grey is lovely.

franktheskank Fri 29-Dec-17 08:33:28

I like that colour but I'm not sure it would go with the style of the house.

What about these colours?

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butterfly56 Fri 29-Dec-17 09:16:12

I really like your choice OP. I think it would suit your house.

pallisers Sat 30-Dec-17 00:05:48

I like it op. except the door. But I accept that I am irrationally fond of a glossy black front door.

wanderlust99 Sat 30-Dec-17 00:07:56

No advice OP but I love your house, health to have!

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