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Thermal Curtains

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OnNaturesCourse Wed 27-Dec-17 19:11:22

Where is good to buy?
Any brand recommendations?

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OnNaturesCourse Thu 28-Dec-17 18:42:38


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whyismykid Thu 28-Dec-17 18:52:36

Do you need ready made or made to measure?

Cantspell2 Thu 28-Dec-17 19:26:41

Dunelm do a good selection and have 20% off in the sales at the moment

OnNaturesCourse Fri 29-Dec-17 16:08:54

...and still want £400 for them. Ahhh

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LemnisKate Fri 29-Dec-17 16:12:46

There are some thermal linings very reduced in the John Lewis sale online. I have a thermal door curtain from there bought in last year’s sale and it works very well.

Cantspell2 Sat 30-Dec-17 13:03:41

If you want cheap wilkos do basic thermal curtains. Nothing fancy but for the money they are decent quality.

OnNaturesCourse Sun 31-Dec-17 14:26:52

Problem I have is the window is 250+wide with a big drop. (cm) not got the exact figures but it's a patio door...

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Cantspell2 Sun 31-Dec-17 19:54:50

Patio doors usually take a drop of 90 inches so depending on how full you want the gather you either need 1 or 2 sets of 90 x 90.
You can find a few places that do 132 x 90 but the designs are limited and they tend to be expensive. Terrys fabric online sell hundreds of different curtains but only 5 pairs are 132 wide

OnNaturesCourse Sun 31-Dec-17 23:13:14

Thank you.

I've order vertical blinds now but would still like curtains for warmth so I'll look into it. Surprised that blinds cost less!

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Choccogoingcuckoo Mon 01-Jan-18 11:14:50

I have Dunelm thermal door curtains at my front door and the make a huge difference to keeping heat in.

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