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F&B alternative

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minimalist99 Fri 22-Dec-17 02:52:21

We are decorating and I have fallen in love with two shades from Farrow and Ball.
1)elephants breathe
2)cornforth white

We have two ds 3 and dd 1.5 who often treat the walls as their canvases and produce wonderful pieces of art around the house so I am not willing to buy farrow and Ball. So does anyone know of anything similar by a cheaper company.


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NameWithChange Fri 22-Dec-17 02:57:57

F&B is very good to wipe clean. But aside from that - just get the colour copied/made up for you if you want to spend less.

JoJoSM2 Fri 22-Dec-17 11:22:55

I think companies like Layland offer colour matching services.

Sweetooth92 Fri 22-Dec-17 11:30:38

Have it mixed at your local DIY shop-I love f&b colours but also have mini visitors who can’t walk without dragging their fingers across the walls. We have it mixed into water based satin. Cheaper than f&b and can wipe their sticky slug like trails off without ruining the paintwork 😊

thethoughtfox Fri 22-Dec-17 15:02:29

Our decorator doesn't like working with F&B so got F&B Clunch colour matched by Johnson's paint and got durable matt mixed in so it's washable. It was very cheap and looks fantastic.

Misslemon01 Fri 22-Dec-17 22:21:55

We've had bad experiences with colour matching - they tell you it's never 100%. I would just get F&B the one for kitchens - we have it in our livingroom and kitchen, it's wipe clean and children-friendly.

minimalist99 Sun 24-Dec-17 11:11:29

Misslemon is there any particular f&b paint that you suggest i am thinking of doing the downstairs including the kitchen in f&b

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