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For those with interior design ability - what colour walls?

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SerialGoogler Tue 19-Dec-17 08:00:54

I have two 'Alaskan Steel' sofas so not navy but more a muted mid blue and a turquoise Ikea arm chair. What colour walls??? The idea was for the furniture and bright cushions to be the features - cushions are a mix of lemon, turquoise, blue, grey, with some hints of red & green etc.
I have been looking at greys but there are more than 50 bloody shades of it. Budget is more Dulux than F&B.
Room is on the dark side as it has one window but there is light from the back room as it is pretty open plan.
I want it to be grown up. My floor is darkish wood effect laminate with matching skirting.
I just don't have a natural ability for these things!

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whereiscaroline Tue 19-Dec-17 08:02:31

Could you add a photo or two at all OP? Might help us to visualise a bit better if you have any.

username24 Tue 19-Dec-17 08:07:01

Hi, I LOVE stuff like this and would love to help people design their rooms/houses! I have no skills other than everyone says my house looks lovely!

Anyway! My first instinct was grey, there are many to choose from as you said. There is an app that dulux so called a visualiser which may help you narrow down the type of grey you'd like, id say something on the paler side. What shades are your furniture can you screen shot colours? X

SerialGoogler Tue 19-Dec-17 08:07:21

Alaskan Steel Blue - will try uploading again!

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SerialGoogler Tue 19-Dec-17 08:18:02

More pics

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SerialGoogler Tue 19-Dec-17 09:35:45

Excuse the random bauble

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Justmuddlingalong Tue 19-Dec-17 09:43:40

Are you brave enough for mustard walls? That's what I'd go for.

gunsandbanjos Tue 19-Dec-17 09:45:04

3 warm cream walls and if you’re brave one orange one.

Maudlinmaud Tue 19-Dec-17 09:46:01

I like the sofas. Light grey almost white would look lovely.

Maudlinmaud Tue 19-Dec-17 09:52:13

I have blackened by farrow and ball in some places. It's lovely but lighting needs to be those daylight bulbs. I do like the suggestions to go with a colour though but I'm never brave enough.

SerialGoogler Tue 19-Dec-17 11:44:33

Oooh - I might be up to being brave.

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gunsandbanjos Tue 19-Dec-17 12:12:08

If you are brave we need pictures!!

username24 Thu 21-Dec-17 13:13:47

My sofa is pale grey and I have navy & mustard and I think that would work well?

Ketzele Thu 21-Dec-17 16:48:00

Mustard is a lovely idea. Otherwise, I think Dulux Dusted Moss would work well - it's a greeny bluey grey, can be light or deep.

slinkysaluki Thu 21-Dec-17 17:44:02

Mustard would look great. I have mustard pot by Crown on two walls and a soft white on the others. My sofas are mid grey. Teal would look good too I think with your sofas

SerialGoogler Fri 29-Dec-17 08:33:38

Okay, so here are some testers in the wall. I have discounted No.3. No.2 is the safe option and No.1 is Wild Mustard Seed. It has a sheen so it looks gold on the wall. What do we think?

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losingmymindiam Fri 29-Dec-17 08:40:07

I would go white. Looks clean, crisp and bright. Then lots of colour in furniture, pictures, rugs etc.

Ketzele Fri 29-Dec-17 09:29:18


IWishYouWere Sat 30-Dec-17 10:48:30


MargotLovedTom1 Sat 30-Dec-17 10:52:35

I don't think mustard looks right with the blue leather.

MargotLovedTom1 Sat 30-Dec-17 10:57:16

What colour is your 'safe option'? If all your sofas were the pale grey like the armchair then I think the mustard would look good, but as I said I don't think it goes with the mid blue leather.
I'm not a fan of grey walls but I think I'd go with a pale silver grey, and - not being rude! - update your picture frame from gold to black or white.

FlameCrestedTanager Sat 30-Dec-17 12:26:07

The mustard looks amazing.

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