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Blodplod Sat 02-Dec-17 17:30:59

Can anyone tell me whether I can buy ready made curtains for a window of this size? I live in a period cottage and all other windows I’ve had curtains made for them as they’re non standard size. I’ve never bought ready made, just had curtain co’s come round and measure up, then fit everything. However, I have a relatively new extension (done in the 1980’s) and I’m thinking these windows must be a ‘standard’ size? Also where do I measure? I’ve measured in the recess and they’re 46” wide and 26” drop. But 31” drop from rail to top of radiator. I’ve attached a picture.

wowfudge Sun 03-Dec-17 00:10:28

You measure for where you want to hang them, so from the rail and you'll need them to be several inches wider than the recess in order to cover properly and enable you to put a ring outside the brackets to stop them from being pulled into the middle when you draw them shut.

It'll be cheaper to buy ready mades in a standard size and get them shortened to sill length than have them made to measure, but standard drops are 54", 72" and 90" so they'll be quite a bit of fabric left - maybe have a couple of matching cushions made from the offcuts? You'll probably find quite a number if posters who think short curtains are an abomination, but I'd rather have short curtains than send all the radiator heat up the back of long curtains.

Btw, I think the finials on your curtain pole are a bit too big and therefore out of proportion with the window size.

Blodplod Sun 03-Dec-17 00:22:09

That’s really helpful thank you. I think i might look in the sales and see if there’s any nice ones. I have to get another pair altered too. After spending a kings ransom on made to measure curtains/electric blinds (no other option for a really tricky gable window) I now just can’t stomach spending loads more on this last room. Regards the finials, yes I agree.. it’s really noticeable when you stand back and take a picture! It was an emergency panic purchase, I just had to get some rails up and went with something that ‘kind of’ matched the bed, rest of the house but they’re not right. They were supplied by one of the curtain companies I used who I’m not sure are in business now, so I can’t even find the product range to see if I can change the finials..

wowfudge Sun 03-Dec-17 07:02:55

Just re-read my typos! We have some poles that just have simple end caps on them - if you measure the diameter you might be able to find something online on eBay even?

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