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A grey paint to match a (dark) blue feature wall

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undertheradarplease Tue 28-Nov-17 12:54:45

Hi all,

I'm wondering if any of you lovely people can recommend a pale(ish) grey to compliment a blue feature wall. I'm finally getting round to painting my scruffy staircase

The grey is going all the way up the stairs and landing with a blue feature wall at the top. The blue I have chosen is Stiffkey blue by Farrow & Ball but it's actually mixed by Valspar because F&B isn't very wipeable imo.

I don't know how to post photos of the colour because I'm useless confused

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Dixiechickonhols Tue 28-Nov-17 13:58:11

Dulux white mist ?

PrimalLass Tue 28-Nov-17 14:47:59

I have F&B Ammonite in my hall and it is a pale grey-blue.

BabloHoney Tue 28-Nov-17 14:57:46

Graham and Brown clancy grey is lovely

haba Thu 30-Nov-17 14:52:24

Crown Gallery White (it's a v pale grey)

FacelikeaBagofHammers Thu 30-Nov-17 14:53:38

Cornforth White?

m0therofdragons Thu 30-Nov-17 15:00:26

We've just used valspar bottle fly grey and it's perfect. It's definitely grey but has a blue hue imo and isn't too dark.

The pic isn't great as we haven't had the main light fitted yet (house has crazy electrics) so it's just a lamp.

undertheradarplease Mon 04-Dec-17 16:36:10

Thanks all! I've gone with Weathered Cottage by Valspar. I suspect I'm going to find it a bit too dark -- and end up crying for 3 days -- but hoping I get used to it. Pics to follow.....

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