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Will these paint colours look awful?

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Abhorsen Mon 13-Nov-17 18:09:35

im about to have my whole downstairs and hall painted and I’m having a mini panic over colours.

The living room, dining room and kitchen and open plan on an L shape, but the living room is slightly separated from the dining room and kitchen by a ‘sort of’ arch.
Plan was to paint the living room F&B Brassica and go for a lighter colour in the dining room and kitchen which I’ve narrowed down to blackened or skimming stone.
The hall was going to be bone but I’m now wondering if blackened would be better - I think it’s possibly a bit too light to cope with grubby children hands but worried that the bone, flowing into a room but brassica, then onto a room done in blackened is going to look like a total mishmash or colours with no actual theme or thought involved.

I have no creative talents at all and cannot visualise how the finished rooms will look 🙈

AesopsMables Mon 13-Nov-17 18:58:26

Without seeing a floor plan and dimensions it’s hard to judge.

I can totally empathise with how your feeling as we too had the same dilemma with what sounds like v similar room flow.

We thought at the last minute that ...
Skimming Stone in kitchen/diner. Leading to small living room via bifold doors in Stiff key blue and both rooms leading to hall stairs landing in Amonite would not flow

It does smile

--unlike the 5 sofas we have either sent back or paying to have re covered--confused

As my then exasperated DH wisely said

“It’s just a lick of paint that we will change every few years anyway”

If the undertones are mutual it will be fine

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