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Where to get a good fake Christmas tree? Christmas with 1yo - tree questions

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thiskittenbarks Wed 08-Nov-17 08:51:17

First Christmas with baby. He will be 1yo, is crawling, cruising and very grabby!!!
Christmas is a big deal in our house and I usually go a bit crazy with the decorations but I’m worried about DS safety now.
We have always had a real tree but someone said that a fake one might be safer as it won’t be so heavy if he somehow pulls it over. Do you think they are actually any safer? And can anyone recommend somewhere that does nice ones that look fairly realistic (but aren’t so expensive that we have nothing to put under it)?
Do I need to put a playpen round the tree? Or is it best to get a smaller one (😫) and put it on a sturdy table?
Any other tips gratefully received as to how keep the house looking like the North Pole whilst also keeping baby safe!

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Fekko Wed 08-Nov-17 08:57:22

Watching with interest. We don't have huge amounts of room so usually get a real 4footer which sits on a corner table. It's heavy, jabby, a pain to lug and drops bloody needles all over the place!

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