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Nice acrylic roll-top bath

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pollygon Tue 07-Nov-17 21:16:14

Anyone got one? I would love to see loads in the flesh and work out which ones are flimsy and horrible/which are better quality, but nearby bathroom showrooms don't have a lot of options (for anything) in stock. Can't afford cast iron, and don't think the floors would take it anyway.

Bluesheep8 Wed 08-Nov-17 07:58:44

Hi, have a look at Victorian plumbing. Also, I think b and q will have one on display

pollygon Wed 08-Nov-17 14:32:57

Thanks Bluesheep! I thought B&Q would as lots of people seem to have that one, but our local branch don't have it. Victorian Plumbing have a few, but it's hard to gauge quality.

(Realise my initial post sounds like I'm asking to come round and try people's baths grin Promise I'm not - just wondered if anyone had a nice one to recommend.]

Bluesheep8 Thu 09-Nov-17 10:32:05

Hi polygon, I'm the same as you in that I like to see things in the flesh before ordering. Bit more info for you...check with a few large bathroom shops locally, ask if they have one on display and ask who it's manufactured by. If it's Ultra or Hudson Reed, this is the manufacturer for Victorian plumbing so it'll be the exact same bath, just with a different name.

Bluesheep8 Fri 10-Nov-17 06:55:05

Forgot to add, Ultra and Hudson Reed are the same company. The company then retailing the bath can then name it whatever they like iyswim.

BigGreenOlives Fri 10-Nov-17 07:01:09

Make sure you sit in a bath if you get the chance. One of the baths we liked the look of squeezed our shoulders & neither of us is very broad.

LateKate Fri 10-Nov-17 07:07:55

Roughly whereabouts are you in the country? I can think of a few independent bathroom retailers who sell them but I am only familiar with those down South, so depending on where you are a visit to one of them might be an option. I am another one saying definitely sit in it before making a decision!

Andromeida29 Mon 13-Nov-17 15:59:50

We've just bought one from Victorian Plumbing (excuse the mess, we're decorating). Good quality, lovely and wide. Definitely worth it.

pollygon Mon 13-Nov-17 22:52:10

Andromeida, your new bathroom looks great! Do you know which bath specifically that is? Does it feel nice and sturdy?

LateKate, sorry for the slow reply! Am in London. There are lots of showrooms near us, but they're mostly quite small so they often only have one rolltop (usually Burlington Windsor).

Andromeida29 Wed 15-Nov-17 00:06:47

Ours was the Premier Double end 1700. Huge and very sturdy. Also goes against the wall so less chance of leakage.

BriechonCheese Wed 15-Nov-17 00:10:55

I know my SIL got one recently from Bathstore and I showered in recently and found it to be very sturdy. It didn't feel plasticky. Looking online I think it was the Norfolk.

Bluesheep8 Wed 15-Nov-17 17:32:44

Hi op, premier are the same co as Hudson Reed and ultra, the bath andromeida has will be avsilable at vplumbing,I forgot to add this when listing their manufacturers in prev post

OddMollie Wed 15-Nov-17 17:38:50

We got one from the Bathstore about 10 years ago which looked lovely but has turned out to be shocking quality. After about 3 years the bit under the hot tap had started to crack and now it looks a complete mess. The top layer of plastic has flaked away, and the cracked appearance has now spread to most of the bottom of the bath. We'll be replacing as soon as we can face the upheaval. Hopefully quality is better these days.

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