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Is Stompa worth the money or is there a decent alternative??

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Mrsboathook Sun 05-Nov-17 19:44:25

My 5yo DD has outgrown her toddler bed. We’re looking for a mid sleeper with desk and drawers, and space she can make a den. We don’t mind spending a bit if it will last till her teens My DH really wants a Stompa bed but I’m not sure that we’d just be paying for the brand rather than decent quality?? Anyone any experience?

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AuditAngel Sun 05-Nov-17 21:21:50

DS has a Thuka bed, suitable up to 100kg, 11 years old and still very solid.

Thinking of buying bunks this make for the girls

NotMeNoNo Tue 07-Nov-17 23:41:29

There are always lots of Stompa beds on eBay, the one we had was very solid. They tend to get outgrown so plenty in circulation.

CustardDoughnutsRule Thu 09-Nov-17 00:06:43

Thuka here, very solid and drawers are good. DS reads with an adult on his every night and adults have slept in it.

WhatWouldTheDoctorDo Thu 09-Nov-17 07:04:31

DD had one which was solid. Only got I’d of it because of a house move. However, I was very disappointed in the quality of the mattress. Lumpy and uncomfortable.

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