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Help with choosing a sofa?

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omochie Mon 23-Oct-17 22:15:42

So my partner and I have scoured the internet (, sofology, dfs, scs etc) and been into store to find sofas but we can’t find anything we like!

We’re looking for a plain fabric corner sofa (preferably 2seats and 2 corner seats), if any of you have any websites you could send or pictures of your own sofas I would be so grateful!

I thought choosing furniture for your first home was supposed to be exciting, not stressfulconfused

thethoughtfox Mon 23-Oct-17 22:25:41

Try Loaf

omochie Mon 23-Oct-17 22:50:12

@thethoughtfox thank you! Just had a brief look and some of their sofas are beautiful! Hoping this will bring some luck haha

doodlejump1980 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:52:47

Avoid NEXT sofas. Pish.

AnonEvent Mon 23-Oct-17 22:53:56

I bought our sofas from, really good, quick, service.

mando12345 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:55:32

Yes another one with a pair of sofas, love them.

omochie Mon 23-Oct-17 22:56:25

@doodlejump1980 do they sell sofas?? We were about to pop in today but I thought they only sold decor! I’ll take your advice and steer clear though haha.

@AnonEvent thanks I’ll have a look! smile

doodlejump1980 Mon 23-Oct-17 22:58:47

Yup. They've really slumped. Every time you sit down there an explosion of feathers. They're ready for the skip after 3 years but we're still paying them off

omochie Mon 23-Oct-17 23:10:48

@doodlejump1980 no way! Do they not have a guarantee? After only 3 years I’d be tearing my hair out.

Kitsharrington Tue 24-Oct-17 08:00:36

I'm about to buy an armchair from Love Your Home. Similar to Loaf style-wise. And prices closer to five-years-ago-Loaf, before they became ridiculously expensive.

RhythmNBooze Tue 24-Oct-17 08:37:19

We bought from sofasandstuff and found exactly what we wanted.

CatherineAV Tue 24-Oct-17 20:21:10

We’ve had our sofas and armchairs from, they have a few showrooms around the country & obviously online...but always good to see in the flesh! Really good quality & gorgeous fabrics to choose from. Excellent customer service too!

LeggyMeggy Sun 29-Oct-17 09:22:54

Another vote for

thelikelylass Sun 29-Oct-17 10:08:27

Dwell?Swoon editions (love their velvet sofas, especially the inky blue ones...sigh)

eyebrowseyebrows Sun 29-Oct-17 10:13:05

M&S have a corner sofa like that...saw it in store yesterday

eyebrowseyebrows Sun 29-Oct-17 10:15:39

It was the Copenhagen style I was thinking of...they do it in a lot of different fabrics and leather

omochie Tue 31-Oct-17 21:42:40

Thanks so much for your replies everyone! I think we’ve finally settled for a sofa in dwell, I hope I never have to look at another sofa again it’s been such a bloody pain in the bum!

I really appreciate all of your suggestions!

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