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DeepfriedPizza Mon 16-Oct-17 14:00:24

I have sliding patio doors which is my only exit/entrance to the back garden.
I need blinds and they need to be two separate, one for each glass panel but I am hitting some snags.

I can't have vertical as my dog gets tangled in them, even when fully opened/

roman/roller would have 2 seperate chords therefore would have one dangly bit in the middle, wouldn't I?
I can't have the fitted into the glass as the doors slide so can't add any width.

I am not sure what that leaves me.
Any advice?

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flissfloss65 Mon 16-Oct-17 14:03:24

You can now buy roller blinds without any side pulley. Just pull and push up using bottom of blind.

DeepfriedPizza Mon 16-Oct-17 14:07:48

ah, I think that's what I need. thank you

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DeepfriedPizza Mon 16-Oct-17 14:23:02

Although how would I fit two blinds together, they are usually attached to the frame of the window aren't they. They'd need to be attached outside the frame?

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