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Ugly light switches

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Sedgewick Thu 12-Oct-17 16:17:34

Though I've been FRANTICALLY busy, I've managed to find 30 mins every few days to try and make our home look presentable. It's definitely looking better but I'm a bit amazed that even in an old Victorian like ours you're still staring at those ugly plastic light switches!

I found some GORGEOUS ones online: but unfortunately they are a COMPLETE light switch, and I wasn't sure if I should get one or get one of those light switch covers instead?

Must say I haven't found covers as lovely as the complete ones, I've attached pics so you can see what I'm getting so excited about. I'd much rather just get one - but I've just never fixed a light switch to a wall before!!!

Sorry - I know I'm a wimp! :-) Any advice? I am rubbish at DIY but I'd really like to do this.

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