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What colour to paint bathrooms? ( picture of tiles)

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yorkshireyummymummy Wed 11-Oct-17 21:29:22

My bathrooms are tiled with these tiles. The walls are painted the overused magnolia. I have no idea what colour (s) to paint the walls. The bathroom furniture is all white. Floor tiles are a match with the wall tiles. I usually use Farrow and Ball and have gone into the bathrooms with the colour chart and just can't decide what will work. Has anybody got any suggestions please?? Am happy to use a different paint manufacturer to get the right colour.

4yearsnosleep Thu 12-Oct-17 07:41:05

It would go brilliantly with a dark navy?

JoJoSM2 Thu 12-Oct-17 09:23:44

I would go with something closely matching the colour of the tiles on the walls and leave the ceiling white.

LifeIsLikeTetris Thu 12-Oct-17 09:27:50

I prefer white paint in bathrooms and let the tiles be the main feature regarding the colour.

Towels, blind, accessories etc for additions of colour.

yorkshireyummymummy Fri 13-Oct-17 17:45:28

What colour blind/ towels would you get?

LifeIsLikeTetris Sat 14-Oct-17 07:25:25

Hi Yorkshireyummymummy My bathroom has tiles a little like yours, (mine are a bit lighter I guess) on the floor and halfway up the walls. Then white painted upper walls, ceiling and door.

I currently have dark cherry red towels and a couple of mats in the same colour. But I think any strong colour would look nice (teal would go or chocolate brown or even green) You can change the look with different ones.

The blind I've got is stripey white and various shades of browns because it matches a similar strip of tiles we've got as a feature in the shower. But again a red blind would have looked nice too. I just wanted the flexibility to be able to change the towels without things clashing and needing to change the blind also.

MrBennOfFestiveRoad Sat 14-Oct-17 14:16:51

We have very similar tiles in our bathrooms - one bathroom is painted Farrow & Ball Oxford Stone and the other Parma Grey. They were done by the previous house owners but we like them and will probably repaint the same colours as they need redoing.

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