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East facing living room - need ideas for suitable paint colours

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LovingKent Wed 11-Oct-17 15:26:36

Going to redecorate shortly but am struggling to find colours that suit.
Been playing with the Dulux visualiser app and quite like Sea Urchin 6, Polished Pebble, Jade White and Egyptian Cotton but these colours look terrible in the evening in artificial light. Thinking a blue / grey / neutral. Currently room is a yellowy cream which am not mad about.

If you have an east facing living room what colours have you found to work best?

LovingKent Wed 11-Oct-17 19:52:31

Hopeful bump smile. Anyone???

agentdaisy Wed 11-Oct-17 20:16:27

Ours is north-east facing but due to the angle of the house gets no direct sunlight after lunchtime.

We've just painted one wall with b&q's colours paint in teal and the other walls in their platinum (a pale grey) and it looks lovely. Due to the size of the room it can look very bare if painted in too light a colour, but the lack of natural light in the afternoon can make it very dull if it's painted too dark. This combination looks great (imo) and give it a nice cozy feeling.

We have textured wallpaper under the paint which can be quite marmite to some, but I find it give some depth to the colour in artificial light.

I find it helps to keep away from the white energy saving light bulbs and to use uplighter style lamps instead of the main ceiling light. It's less harsh than the white bulbs and ceiling light.

LovingKent Sun 15-Oct-17 16:41:56

Thanks agentdaisy. Funny you mention the teal. Currently have a light teal green tester on the wall and it looks quite good.

We have uplifter lights too - find the main light makes the room look odd so hardly use it!

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