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Colour of West facing front door

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CruCru Sat 07-Oct-17 18:06:07

Hi all

We are having the outside of our house (the window sills and the lower part of the house) repainted. The guys are going to do our front door and I am a bit torn between the colours. The shortlist are F&B (there’s one at the end of our road):

Rectory Red
Eating Room Red
Green Smoke
Calke Green

The front door is currently a dirty dark red and the house is a tall, thin London house - late Georgian / very early Victorian.

My son has asked that we keep the door exactly as it is so I am leaning towards a darkish red. However, part of me thinks that if we are getting it repainted, we should consider changing the colour.

I’ve had a wander down the street to have a look at our neighbours’ front doors but I don’t like any of them so have had no inspiration there either.

I know that I don’t like pale coloured front doors - I know that a pale sage green seems to be popular but it is a bit washed out for my taste. I want a front door that’s easy to point out to taxi drivers and which makes me smile every time I come home.

If you have any advice, I would be very grateful.

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