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Userlavender Sun 01-Oct-17 05:04:45

Currently looking to replace our horrible chunky timber mantelpiece aaaargh! It came with the house and I am looking for options that are not 3k plus - which are the ones I have found so far that look decent quality. We have also looked at antique ones which we love but too expensive at the moment. Apart from ebay has anyone found anything nice / unusual anywhere I should know about apart from the usual online retailers? X

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Misty9 Sun 01-Oct-17 09:45:44

Is it just the mantelpiece or a whole surround? If the former, I bought a chunky oak mantelpiece from an eBay seller and it looks great (albeit badly installed by us and wobbly...!)

Userlavender Sun 01-Oct-17 14:33:34

The surround - to replace the chunky wood with something completely different this time!

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