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Dark colour suggestions for a small office

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Fluffyogabunny Tue 19-Sep-17 14:45:17

Looking for some help please - I have a boxroom that I'm turning into an office for myself. It's 9ftx8ft and west facing. One window. I'd love a dark blue or green on one or two walls. Would this look ridiculous in a small room? Otherwise any ideas of what colours might be calm and sophisticated and conducive to hard work? ;) thank you

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JoJoSM2 Tue 19-Sep-17 15:52:24

In my study, I've gone with cream walls but made it more funky with a sparkly champagne coloured ceiling. The walls give it a calm background for things pinned to them whilst the ceiling is cool to look up on when I fancy a change of scenery.

Some navy could look cool too. I've found some examples online and they look lovely.

Fluffyogabunny Tue 19-Sep-17 16:13:42

Thanks for those - like the pics

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Pallisers Tue 19-Sep-17 16:28:19

I used Benjamin Moore Old Navy in a small room. We have white bookshelves on three walls (navy paint behind) and it looks great - and not small at all.

Kind of like this but navy also on the walls.

My son used Benjamin Moor abyss in his smallish bedroom - really dark bluish grey - it looks great.

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