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Whitening Pine Boards

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Carmel206 Sat 16-Sep-17 21:52:56

Can anyone advise on how to do this - without using Lye? Are there other methods?

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gingerhousecat Thu 21-Sep-17 19:37:47

This might be helpful
I've been looking at the website for my floors

Carmel206 Sun 24-Sep-17 23:21:24

Thank you, I will try a sample on a piece of board to see what it looks like. I was advised not to try to bleach pine but not sure why not ....

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sparkle58 Mon 25-Sep-17 01:36:44

Littlefair's Environmentally Friendly water based wood dye in White followed by clear durable floor varnish. You can buy tester pots from Amazon or EBay for £1.95

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