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Has anyone used white cotton emulsion paint by dulux, if so any good?

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Luv2chat2U Fri 01-Sep-17 23:16:38

I have just used timeless by dulux in the hallway and living room. I thought it would look more white however in some areas it has tints of yellow/cream depending on where the light is facing. I'm now considering painting remaining rooms using white cotton can anyone tell me if they have any experience of using this colour and what was the outcome..

Also what are your thoughts on which is better, dulux normal white or brilliant white?

Many thanks in advance.

Dashie Sat 02-Sep-17 04:44:36

We have just painted several rooms with Timeless on the walls and White Cotton on the ceiling. There is a subtle but definite difference as the ceilings are definitely whiter but it is not a bright white. Timeless looks different in different places. White in some rooms and more creamy in others. This is why we chose it though.
Hope that is helpful!

Luv2chat2U Sat 02-Sep-17 12:39:56

Hi thank you for your response, it was very helpful as you've used both! What was your preference?

Dashie Sat 02-Sep-17 20:27:38

I think it depends on the room and the property. Ours is old with low ceilings.
I like Timeless for the walls as I like the way it quietly picks up the colours around it so allows for continuity between rooms whilst making each room slightly different according to soft furnishings, flooring etc.
I could be talking rubbish (I am by no means an expert in interior design!), but that is how it looks to me.
It's so easy to get lost in all the different variations of white isn't it? I think there's almost too much choice!

Luv2chat2U Sat 02-Sep-17 21:08:02

I agree, definitely too much choice lol. You're advice has been great and you do sound very much like an interior designer. 🙂

Dashie Sat 02-Sep-17 23:06:51

I hope it helps you decide. As long as you love it, that is what matters!

moonbeam1066 Sun 03-Sep-17 14:07:57

I've just painted my sons room in white cotton and really pleased with it. Originally brought timeless but in his room it had a definite yellow tinge to it so we changed to white cotton which is a definite white but with a softness compared to pure brilliant white...exactly what we were aiming for.

I have now used timeless in my hall and with different lighting it appears more white and I don't see the yellow (not much direct light ). Hope that helps.

EarlGreyT Thu 07-Sep-17 23:44:30

White cotton has a very slight grey tint to it, definitely no yellow. It's not as stark as pure brilliant white. Compared to timeless it is whiter/paler and less green-in my house the walls I've painted in timeless have a very slight green tint.

Luv2chat2U Mon 09-Oct-17 00:22:07

Many thanks for your comments... it does help.

keepingbees Tue 10-Oct-17 19:58:45

I have white cotton in my bedroom, it's a very soft off white. I bought it on offer when I was renovating my house and they only had very few colours left. The woman in the shop helped me choose, she said white cotton comes from the 'warm' whites variety of dulux paints. I bought dulux white mist for our living room which came from the 'cool' whites variety and has very slight grey undertones. Seeing both together you can definitely tell which is the cool and which is the warm if that makes sense!

krisskross Tue 10-Oct-17 20:02:41

We have timeless and white cotton here. Much prefer white cotton and dis in fact reason our hall in white cotton after it was half painted timeless. I'm glad we did...its less cream more like white...just warmer

krisskross Tue 10-Oct-17 20:04:04

Sorry for should have read did in fact repaint...

loobylou10 Tue 10-Oct-17 20:06:23

Sons bedroom is white cotton - it’s lovely and rich.

Luv2chat2U Tue 10-Oct-17 23:06:17

Oh thank you so much for your comments, I actually went for timeless in the hallway and living room, it's ok, but I'm not I'm really in love with it. I may have to change the living room to white cotton. I'm dreading reprinting the repainting the hallway....

Luv2chat2U Tue 10-Oct-17 23:06:58

Typo repainting

Luv2chat2U Tue 10-Oct-17 23:10:58

Hmmmmm or Egyptian cotton.

keepingbees Wed 11-Oct-17 07:31:08

I've got Egyptian cotton in my hallway, have to say I'm not in love with it. It looks quite dingy going up the stairs where there's not as much light. Having said that it's quite a warm colour and I have seen pictures where it looks amazing so maybe it's just certain rooms

Luv2chat2U Wed 11-Oct-17 22:52:33

Thank you keeping bees your comment has been helpful. I'm so indecisive but think I will stick to . I honestly can't be bothered to repaint. Lol

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