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Millipede170 Fri 01-Sep-17 19:37:45

I am so furious with I ordered a corner sofa bed back in March, and today in my fury I have finally (6 months later) demanded my money back after a litany of disasters and excuses. I have a family event this weekend which is now in tatters, as I now have 18 hours to try and find a bed for relatives (who are in their 60s).....

The first sofa arrived, it was the wrong way round (left hand facing instead of right). It had already taken 12 weeks at this point for it to be made bespoke. Then 2 weeks for the company to come and take it away again. Then quoted 14 weeks for the replacement to be made (back to the start again). August 6 - website says ready for dispatch to courier. Nothing. Customer service say it's stuck in shipping from Italy. Someone will make it their mission to find out what's going on. Nothing heard. I chase and chase ... 20 August .... it's in the UK! Success? No. It has to be checked in the warehouse then sent to the courier. Ok. I must have it by 2 Sept - no problem they say. We will not rest until you have it. No one calls, no courier contact.

24 August - close to d-day. Where is it? Still in warehouse. Email to say it is on its way, will I take a £25 voucher? No bloody way. I want my sofa. 28 Aug - website says it is not yet dispatched. I keep calling. It's going to the courier .... I will get a call. Nothing. Someone has forgotten to send the paperwork with it. They will make it their mission to get it here by 2 Sept. It's with the courier, but they have misunderstood the instruction and think they are waiting for 2 sofas and will dispatch together .... finally ok, it's good to go. It'll be with you .... on Tuesday. 3 days after the party.

No point. Too late. And quite honestly, I don't want anything to do with this company ever again. Imagine if the mechanism went wrong, or more likely, the replacement will also be a mirror image of what it's meant to be?

People - don't buy from They are a total shambles.

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