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Glass splashback decision for kitchen

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Toonlass9 Thu 31-Aug-17 22:27:11

Thank you these look very clever and a unique- will investigate further!

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buckeejit Thu 31-Aug-17 21:10:52

haha - I changed colour yesterday too & find decisions hard. will have to see if theres any NI stockists!

QuitMoaning Thu 31-Aug-17 20:34:37

No idea of the cost as my kitchen supplier is including it in a lump sum.
He did state it was more expensive than a more standard glass splash back.
I know I am getting guilded cork but haven't confirmed exact shade yet.
There is so much choice out there... I started planning the kitchen in November and it is being installed in October...the time delay is all down to us making decisions. I have absolutely finally chosen the definite colours 6 times. 😳

buckeejit Thu 31-Aug-17 19:22:41

Ooh quit - that stuff looks lovely - how expensive is it?

I've been looking at granite this avo & scared of the quote for it. I'm not dying about any of those splash backs from on screen but love the kitchen. I've not looked at the price but there were some gorgeous semi precious stone sheets of agate, petrified wood, carnelian etc by Antolini - Luigi Antolini which would make a great backlit splashback.

Or there are some nice recycled glass bottles with a bit of variation in the colour, or milky white/cream?

QuitMoaning Thu 31-Aug-17 12:41:46

I have just this morning ordered my new glass splash back for my new kitchen which is being installed in October.

I saw Objects in Glass at the Grand Designs Show and really liked their guilted cork range. It looks ok on website but really good when you see it for real. Not cheap but looks a real statement piece.

ImperialBlether Wed 30-Aug-17 10:45:17

My friend has a kind of red wine coloured glass in her kitchen and it looks great.

PickyParent Wed 30-Aug-17 10:42:38

Picture of my splashback

PickyParent Wed 30-Aug-17 10:38:44

I have clear glass and got the joiners to run some clear silicon sealant all the way around it so no food/flies/whatever can get behind it. I don't have an extractor so it's a pretty big piece of glass but looks greatsmile

HighlyCompetentExWife Wed 30-Aug-17 04:00:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

123rd Wed 30-Aug-17 03:56:30

Could just go clear glass
I do actually like the yellow best out of those three options

DuffRose Tue 29-Aug-17 22:22:41

have a look at this website all sorts of pictures and colours, got mine from here I love it.

Toonlass9 Tue 29-Aug-17 22:06:32

Hello. We are at the end of a 6month double extension and have had to make so many decisions we are now struggling with the glass splashback. We thought bright yellow but not sure now the kitchen units are in place due to the colour. We will have small oak up stands to match the work tops and a black extractor so are looking for the colour for behind the oven only (not above the extractor). Walls are white and will be staying white for the time being. Appliances are black/chrome. Bifolds are anthracite grey.

I attach a few ideas - any suggestions welcome! Husband has said no to blues/reds/purples!

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